Thursday, April 1, 2010

April awareness: Sexual assault and child abuse

April is both National Sexual Assault Awareness Month and National Child Abuse Prevention Month (see also here). Anyone who read this blog on even a semi-regular basis knows sexual assault and rape is one of the topics I most often write about, and I certainly hope it would go without saying that I don't find child abuse to be a sunny topic (or, you know, acceptable, ever) either.

I will be posting more posts about both topics as the month goes on, but for now I'd like to know: are you doing anything to mark either month? Any ideas for online activism for either/both subjects? What are your favorite resources for either subject?

I've often wished that Take Back the Night happened at more places than just college campuses. I walked in it all four years I was in college (1994-1998), and I miss it. So imagine my surprise to find that there's a walk and vigil, complete with survivor speak-outs and everything, in my city! Not on a college campus! My calendar is marked. You can check for event listings, and you can also submit an event. (They also have additional resources, and you can buy TBTN shirts there, too.) I've always found Take Back the Night to be cathartic. It's heartbreaking and uplifting and unifying. I so love the idea behind it, but I wish every night were taken back, so to speak. If you can take part in one of these events, I highly recommend it.

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