Monday, April 12, 2010

Dug up from my (closet) archives

In cleaning out my closet yesterday, I came across a big stack of some old T-shirts, hidden up on a shelf. For instance: a Harry Connick Jr. shirt from a concert of his in 1992. A concert I attended, I should clarify. (What was I doing at a Harry Connick Jr. concert in 1992? It's all Memphis Belle's fault.

Anyway, there were more interesting shirts in the stack: two from Lilith Fair and two from Take Back the Night marches. Which is a big coincidence, because I was just wondering the other day where my Lilith Fair T-shirt had gone, and because I'm going to a Take Back the Night march soon. Behold the (very wrinkled) shirts!

First up, this from 1997, the first tour of Lilith Fair (showing the shirt, a close-up and the back):

Second, this from Lilith Fair, 1999 (the front, close-up of the sleeve, and the back). I guess I didn't buy a shirt in 1998? Oh, and if you want to know who was on the tour that year or any year, the lineups are here. (One of my favorite Lilith memories: being up in the front row for K's Choice, who I love. Only time I've ever seen them live, and it was perfect.)

Then there is this from Take Back the Night, 1996 (love the front!):

And from Take Back the Night, 1997 (the front just had this small logo on it; the back is great):

If you can't make out what that says, it's "To dance into the night, strong and shameless."

I wish I could make it to Lilith Fair this year, but chances are it's not going to happen. The closest show to me is two hours away, on a day I work. I hope tons of other people manage to go, though! All the dates have been announced, and you can find them here. If you have any interest in a Take Back the Night event, check here to see if there's one listed in your city.

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