Sunday, April 11, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (4/11/10)

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If you read anything from this column today, read this, from The Sexist: "Test Case: You're Not a Rape Victim Unless Police Say So. This is the story of the night Hannah was not officially raped." It's long, and worth every second it takes to read it. I will warn you, it is upsetting and infuriating and still so important.

In other sexual assault news:
  • The Safer Blog: "Beyond the Campus," a new weekly feature that covers sexual assault beyond college campuses. (Also links to the above story.)
  • Seven Days: "What Rape? Vermont's higher-ed institutions are underreporting student sexual assaults."
  • Tattooed & Pierced: "Schrödinger’s Rapist." Highly recommend reading the blog post that is linked in this post, too.
  • AlterNet: "Why We Still Blame Victims of Rape."
  • The Sexist: "What's in a Rape Kit?" Good information here.
  • The Curvature: "Australian Survey Shows Dangerous Attitudes Towards Violence Against Women."
  • CNN: "Argentina province OKs chemical castration for rapists."
In other reading:
  • AP: "A victory for women after a long battle," about women in Egypt (successfully!) battling to get women appointed to the State Council court.
  • CNN: "Yemeni child bride dies of internal bleeding." So awful.
  • Los Angeles Times: "No man dares sit on this Nigerian throne." Interesting story about a matriarchy.
  • Border House: "A Matter of Resources," a great satirical piece on men characters in video games.
  • After Ellen: "Has Batwoman reached the end of her Bat-line?" (image via)
  • The Daily Beast: "The New Wonder Women of Comics."
  • Salon: "Watch out women's studies, here comes male studies." See also Ms. magazine's blog post on this.
  • Zaftig Zeitgeist: "Purity, or how dieting is the new virginity." Let me just offer you a quote from the piece: "I was thinking how it seems that dieting has replaced sex as a means of trying to control women. It is as if we have gone from legs closed to lips closed."
  • G is 4 Girls: "Four Women in Space Sets Record—Maybe Someday, Events Like This Won’t Make the News."
  • NPR: "No, We're Not Going to Sit Down and Take it." A great response to this, among other things: "Chris Wallace 'Hopes' Sarah Palin Sits On His Lap."
  • Shakesville: "On Abortion Exceptions: 'Rape, Incest, Threat to Life.'"
  • This ain't Livin': "Beyond the Binary: How Shall I Describe My Body?"
  • Thus Spake Zuska: "Smile, Boys! It Would Make The World So Much Prettier For Us Women!" Having anyone tell me to "smile" is one of my biggest pet peeves, so this post is spot on for me. I cannot stand when this happens. And it happens far too often. (But I could probably count on one hand the number of times a woman has told me to smile.)
  • Salon: "Yale bans teacher-student sex." All of it, regardless of if the student has ever taken a class from the teacher or not.
  • AP: "Sex Ed Teachers Could Face Charges, DA Says." This story is out of Wisconsin.
From the "celebrities doing good" file:
  • ReelGirl: "Geena Davis’ new study on gender bias in kids’ media." Looking forward to this.
  • "Cyndi Lauper plans to open shelter for LGBT young people."
  • AP: "Green Day, N'Sync's Lance Bass among sponsors of prom for gay students in Tupelo"

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