Sunday, April 4, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (4/4/10)

This column may end up being short and sweet, thanks to time constraints on my end. If you celebrate Easter, I hope you have a good one. (I do not celebrate it, but still have two family dinners to attend today. What I want to attend is an Easter egg hunt. For adults.)

So, you've probably heard by now that Scott Roeder was sentenced for murdering Dr. George Tiller (pictured). Roeder was found guilty of first-degree murder on Jan. 29, and he was sentenced Thursday to what is known in Kansas as a "Hard 50," meaning he can't be eligible for parole for 50 years. Roeder is 52 years old, so that would put him at 102 years old before he's eligible for parole: an effective life sentence. He also got an additional 24 months for aggravated assault charges for threatening two ushers at Tiller's church. What I'm not sure about is why Roeder didn't get a life sentence with no parole, period. First-degree murder sure sounds like a "life in prison" kind of crime. But, the Hard 50 is close, and without question Roeder deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail.

Here's a bit about the reaction from Tiller's family:
"I was struck by the family's statement, about how they hope the sentence will discourage other people from threatening abortion providers. They asked the authorities to make sure Roeder isn't allowed to 'foment hatred and violence from his prison cell.' Here's hoping."

In other reading:
  • "Children's Books: F*cking With Gender Roles Since 1970." Personally, I think it goes way past 1970, but this particular book is just ... wow.
  • RH Reality Check: "Roundup: Crisis Pregnancy Centers Sue for Right to Mislead." Some religion's levels of manipulation know no bounds.
  • Feministing: "Mandating chivalry is mandating sexism." I like the distinction between chivalry and manners.
  • Bitch magazine: "Pissed Off at Ticked Off: Trans bloggers react." In case you're not sure what that headline is referring to, the reactions are to a movie called "Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives."
  • The Grist: "Say it loud: I'm childfree and I'm proud." As someone who is 1. currently childfree and 2. not sure if I want that to ever change, I found this to be a good read. Now if only I could print it out and distribute it to various friends and family members ...
  • Wired magazine: "Court OKs Repeated Tasering of Pregnant Woman." You've gotta wonder about this case and the woman's race.
  • Happy Bodies: "Men Fighting Misogyny & Rape Culture." Because it links to this Fugitivus post, which is really, really great.
  • Nashville Scene: "Does the Obesity Task Force Even Have Any Obese People on It?" Excellent points on doctors and obesity.
  • I Am Not Cake: "Rape is caused by rapists, part 496." This is about the gang-rape of a 7-year-old girl in New Jersey.
  • Love Ashley: "Plus Size Models Trigger Low Self Esteem Too." Not too surprising, really. Models are models, plus size or not.
  • The Curvature: "Federal Court Rules That Transgender Inmates Have the Right to Medical Care."
  • New York Times (op-ed): "The Myth of Mean Girls." This is important. The last line says it all. "That is, why are we bullying girls?"
  • RH Reality Check: "Nebraska Lawmakers, Seeking to Restrict Abortion Care, Ignore Science, Evidence, and Pleas of Parents." Couldn't this headline apply to nearly anyone seeking to restrict abortion?
  • NPR: "Where are the Women?" NPR takes a look inward at the fact they have a low number of regular commentators who are women, along with how often sources are women, and even the gender breakdown of voices (from anyone) heard on air overall. Nice to see an organization publicly talking about this subject.

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