Monday, April 19, 2010

WTF, New York Times? You cannot be serious.

Note: This is reposted from my Tumblr, rosie.tint.

Someone actually got paid (presumably) to write that Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Nancy Pelosi are in a very exclusive “sorority” because they are 1. women in politics who 2. have five children.

What. The. Fuck.

And seriously, WHAT IS THIS:
What does it say about this country at this moment that, of the small handful of women who have achieved highly visible political roles, three are matriarchs of such very large families? Could it be that the skills of managing sprawling households translate well into holding office? Or that such a remarkable glut of mom cred makes a woman’s bid for external power more palatable to voters? Or are they just related to more voters, which translates into a mysterious edge at the polls?

Whatever forces may be at play, taking a look at present dynamics, any American woman with long-range political ambitions might do well to also look to her nursery.
Couldn’t it just possibly be, I don’t know, a COINCIDENCE? And to say that Bachmann is a political force anywhere outside the Tea Party would be false. Palin is at that level as well — she doesn’t even hold an office. Pelosi is Speaker of the House. Quite a different level of power than a House member or a speaker-for-hire.

And the last line of that quote? I have no words. I don’t even know what this author is trying to imply. Having five kids is better than four? Or six? More is better? You have to have kids to be in politics? Something else altogether? One thing is for sure: PLENTY of powerful women in politics do not have five children. So basically this means nothing at all, but could serve as yet more “you better have kids!” or “you’re better off with kids!” propaganda.

(And remember how much crap Palin has received over the past couple years for “not being home” with her kids? All the times people have implied she’s being a bad mother while she’s out traveling and whatnot? Yeah. Having five kids and being a woman politician is just win-win for everyone. Right.)

Also, can you IMAGINE an article like this about men politicians? “These men all have five children! That must mean something!! Men who want to be in politics, you better look to your nurseries!”

Male politicians that have five or more kids (off the top of my head): Mitt Romney, John McCain (including adopted children), George Bush Sr., John Kerry (including stepsons) and RFK, who had 11 kids. What does this mean? Nothing!!

New York Times, you should be ashamed for even posting this under your flag.

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