Thursday, May 20, 2010

Advertisement for abortion services set to air in UK

Yep, you read that right! An abortion provider -- Marie Stopes International (which provides more than abortion services) -- will be airing an advertisement in the UK. I'm not entirely sure what the content of the ad will be, but according to The Sun, "The campaign - which asks 'Are you late?' in reference to a woman missing her period - directs those with unplanned pregnancies to their helpline." The Guardian says "the organisation says [the ad] will be 'clear, non-judgmental information' on unplanned pregnancies and abortion services."

The Times has the clearest explanation I've seen: "Julie Douglas, marketing manager at Marie Stopes, said that the advert made clear that termination was one of the services that Marie Stopes offered, although the term'“abortion' was not used. 'The ad features ordinary women who are not sure what to do if their period is late. All women will recognise that message. We do not use the term "abortion" because we would never assume someone wants an abortion.'"

I think this is fantastic. Also, I think providers of legal medical services of any kind should be able to advertise that they offer those services. Anti-choicers, of course, are not so happy about this. It's misleading, misinformation, "grotesque," etc., to them.

By the way, here is some abortion info as it relates to Britain (from The Times article): Currently, about one in three women will have an abortion. The service [abortion] is offered to all women up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, with the permission of two doctors, and is free on the NHS. About half of the 42,000 teenage pregnancies each year end in abortion.

Look at that. "Offered to all women." "Free on the NHS." U.S., take note.

If you live in the viewing area, the advertisement is supposed to air at 10:10 p.m. Monday on Channel 4. I hope it will be posted on the Internet at some point, so I can see it, but if you catch it please share you thoughts!


Lee said...

Good to see abortion will get some validity as the medical procedure that it is SOMEWHERE.

Courtney Brisbane said...

where is the magical point when they become children? and what makes an abortion ok? I am confused by all of this controversy.


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