Sunday, May 16, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (5/16/10)

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I should let you all know this is posting while I'm out of town, and is likely to be on the shorter side and missing any big news and great blog posts from the last couple days. But let's start off with some literature-related news:

Politics Daily has a really interesting story, "Farewell to the Creator of Feminism's Forgotten Legend, Modesty Blaise." Maybe you all know about Modestly Blaise, and her author, Peter O'Donnell? I do not, but after reading this story, I want to know more. O'Donnell died May 3, and I think purchasing his writing will be my way of saying rest in peace. Also, Kansas City Star has an article about Isabel Allende and her new book coming out, which sounds great.

In other news:
  • USA Today: "Our view on women's choice: Ultrasound mandates in abortions cross a line."
  • Tulsa World: "Anti-abortion measure passes Oklahoma House." I know, it's next to impossible to keep track of all these bills. This one "requires a lengthy questionnaire be completed by doctors performing abortions and women receiving them. Proponents say the information will be useful in determining why women have abortions." (Um, because they don't want to or can't have a baby?) You may recall this bill already made it through Oklahoma before it was struck down on a technicality. I'm sure the Senate will pass it, too.
  • Salon: "Screw happiness: Bombarded by studies about who is content and why, we forget one thing: Dissatisfaction has its own rewards." I love this.
  • BBC: "Mali imam living in fear after backing women's rights." If you're wondering what he did, he backed a new law that no longer obliges wives to obey their husbands. The nerve!
  • I assume by now everyone has heard that President Obama nominated Elena Kagan to be the next Supreme Court justice. Jezebel has a good background piece on Kagan, and be sure to check out Ezra Klein's answer to "Can men still be appointed to the Supreme Court?"
  • The great Lena Horne died last Sunday, at age 92. Here's Time's obituary.
  • In more sad news, LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg has died at age 25. As of this writing, her cause of death is unknown.

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