Sunday, May 2, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (5/2/10)

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My must-read recommendation of the week comes from The Curvature, "This is Not an Analysis of Rape Culture. This is a Rant." It is about a 15-year-old girl who died after two teens raped her, and it is about language. Because the Philadelphia Daily News, in reporting the story, said the teens "had sex with" her, even though the two teens pleaded guilty to rape. The paper also takes part in slut-shaming her. If I may suggest something here: If you see media coverage like this -- a newspaper article that doesn't even use the word rape to describe rape -- write to them, if you can. Send an e-mail to the reporter or the editor and explain that rape is not sex and the terms are not interchangeable. Because things like this? This is not acceptable.

In related news:
  • The Daily Mail: "You're not guilty of rape: Those skinny jeans were too tight to remove by yourself, jury rules." There are no words. Just absolutely no words.
  • The Hathor Legacy: "Have your rapist’s baby and you’ll feel better."
  • Chicago Tribune: "Women charged rape; doctor still practiced." And eventually? The doctor got a nine-month suspension. Ugh.
  • "Five Hours of Trying to Rape a Lesbian Straight."
  • Feministe: "PTSD and Healing After Sexual Trauma." Great information here.
In other news:
  • Diary of a Goldfish: "Blogging Against Disablism Day 2010." A round up of posts, many of which are excellent. Read up!
  • Jackson Free Press: "School Cuts Gay Student Photo from Yearbook." Sometimes, I hate people.
  • Los Angeles Times: "Attacker repeatedly slashes transgender student in Cal State Long Beach restroom." More here.
  • Media Matters: "Wash. Times calls for discrimination against transgender people."
  • Definatalie: "You Can't Bully Me Out of My Skinny Jeans."
  • The Guardian: "US navy lifts ban on women submariners: First female officers to be assigned to eight crews after completing a 15-month training programme." Best of luck to them.
  • Jezebel: "Since When Is Hillary Clinton Less Influential Than Sarah Palin?"
  • "A Decade On, No Seats for Women at the Peace Table."
  • Boston Herald: "State bill targeting bullying approved." This is in response to the suicides of two students after they were bullied. I don't know if it will help, but I hope so.
  • New York Times: "Two Convicted of Denying Access to Abortion Clinic."
  • RH Reality Check: "Tampon Safety and Our Monthly Affair with Toxins."
  • BBC News: "'Mass illness' hits Afghan schoolgirls in Kunduz." Illness = poisoning.
  • Jezebel: "Filament: The Thinking Woman's Porn Magazine." Images NSFW.
  • Jezebel: "Dirty Dancing Is The Greatest Movie Of All Time." It's really a convincing argument. Also, check out their article "The Chick-Flick Antidote: Please Give."
By the way, if you're thinking "umm, there was like, a LOT of news about abortion this week and you don't have it listed," you would be right. A separate post is coming, eventually.

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