Sunday, May 30, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (5/30/10)

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Getting right to it this week:
  • The Union: "Extraordinary Jane: Jean Hill," about an 82-year-old woman who led the battle to get plastic water bottles banned in her town, Concord, Mass.
  • Time: "Baby Gap: Germany's Birth Rate Hits Historic Low." Demographers are "warning of the consequences of not making enough babies to replace and support an aging population." So start pumping out babies, this article seems to say.
  • Gender Across Borders: "Drop in Global Maternal Death Rates." Yes, the rate has dropped, rather significantly. Even so, in 2008 it was an astonishing number: 342,900.
  • Washington Post: "In Shales review of PBS program, questions about The Post and gender bias." Something every media outlet should examine.
  • On the Issues: "How to Think Like A Feminist Economist." Great read. Consider this: "But if taxes paid are put in relation to income earned we will realize that because women still earn 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, women pay a greater share of their income in taxes."
  • It's About Time: "Dickens, Oliver!, and Girls in Prison." A collection of photos of girls jailed in the 19th century, along with their crimes and punishments.
  • Penny Red: "Shiny Happy Rape Culture," about granting anonymity to accused rapists. Expect to hear more about this issue on this blog in the future.
  • Shakesville: "More Advocacy Fail." About an "anti-rape" campaign gone horribly wrong.
  • The Stir: "Female Genital Mutilation and Circumcision: Comparable?" Comparable, yes. Exactly the same, no. Personally, I'm against both.
  • Ms. blog: "Pediatricians Rescind Female Genital 'Nicking' Policy." Gee, ya think?
  • Reuters: "Dutch doctors' group calls for circumcision ban."
  • Pandagon: "K-Lo will not rest until the scourge of feminine joy is wiped out completely."
  • Racialicious: "Sustainable Food and Privilege: Why is Green Always White (and Male and Upper-Class)." Great read.
  • Medical News Today: "ACLU Of Texas Questions County's Refusal To Transport Prisoner Seeking Abortion." As they should.
  • BBC: "Jordanian 'murdered his daughter in abortion bid'." That is, he raped his daughter, got her pregnant, literally cut the fetus out of her, killing her.
  • Los Angeles Times: "Transgender rights advocates see a gradual series of victories." I think "gradual" is a key word, but progress is progress? Or something?
  • "Transgender Candidate Doesn't Support LGBT Rights." This is in Florida. The candidate is a Republican, by the way.
  • NARAL Pro-choice Virginia: "Plastic Fetuses in Norfolk Public Schools ... " A school employee handed out fetus dolls with anti-choice messages to students in grades 3-5. Yeah.
  • New York Times: "In Ultrasound, Abortion Fight Has New Front." Sigh.
  • RH Reality Check: "Senate Committee Votes On A Repeal Of Abortion Ban for Servicewomen." Now this would be good news.
  • Broadsheet: "OB-GYNs blocked from providing abortions." They are blocked by their employers.
  • Pharyngula: "You can tell where this is going, but you can hardly believe it when it gets there." A blog post about a guy who wrote a blog post saying men should rape women. Major trigger warning here, especially if you read the blog post in question.
  • Chicago Tribune: "DNA evidence in rape case against doctor sat for 8 years." So infuriating.
  • AFP: "Indonesian province to hand out 'Islamic' skirts to women." Because tight pants have been banned.
  • Irish Times: "Ten things an Irish woman could not do in 1970." Read this, keeping in mind that 1970 wasn't that long ago. Unreal.
  • Politicususa: "Progressive Women Must Unite in Support of International Violence Against Women Act." Agreed!
  • The Frisky: "Erin Andrews Gets Slut-Shamed By Gossip Reporter." FFS, I am so tired of the slut-shaming of victims. STOP. IT.
  • The Sexist: "Sexist Beatdown: Megan Fox Shrinks Michael Bay’s Camera Boner Edition." Also check out Women and Hollywood's "The Consequences of Speaking Out" post.
  • The Seventeen Magazine Project: I love this idea and this site. An 18-year-old lives for a month according to what's in Seventeen magazine.
  • Jezebel: "Why The Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Should Make You Angry." Please read this.
  • Alternative Press: "Hayley Wiliams victim of hacker attack." She is the lead singer of Paramore, and a hacker has taken credit for finding and posting a topless photo of her on the Internet. Yet one more person's privacy violated, and you can imagine how many slut-shamers are out there blaming her for taking the picture in the first place.
  • New York Times: "A Classic Turns 50, and Parties Are Planned." It's the 50th anniversary of "To Kill a Mockingbird." Who wants to re-read it with me?

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