Sunday, May 9, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (5/9/10)

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  • The Women's Media Center: "The Way We Talk About 'Women’s Lit.'"
  • Pandagon: "Because women don’t get to have 'man caves.'" Read it with Slate's "Why Do Women Read So Much?" Both pieces are by Amanda Marcotte.
  • Pandagon: "Nope, that’s full blown misogyny," on how the Catholic Church is investigating nuns for committing acts of feminism.
  • TV Watch: "Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tearfully Apologizes to Erin Andrews." If you didn't hear about this, Hasselbeck felt the need to victim-blame Andrews, basically saying that Andrews' stalker -- the one who videotaped her while she was in hotel rooms and posted it on the Internet -- could've just waited for Andrews to be on Dancing with the Stars. You know, because she's wearing "revealing" outfits on there.
  • Vagina Dentata: "Danny Dyer advises cutting women’s faces in Zoo."
  • ABC News: "Saudi King and Crown Prince Photographed With Women." This is a bigger deal than the headline makes it sound.
  • Poise: "Sewing the Dominant Paradigm." I really like this.
  • CTV News: "McTeer accuses Tories of putting women's lives at risk." This is about Canada's new G8 maternal health initiative, which won't be funding abortion. Also check out Sympatico's "Harper government axes funding for 11 women's groups."
  • The Safer Blog: "Columbia Student Survivor’s Story Highlights School’s 'Failure.'"
  • Have you seen the "American Able" campaign yet? It's fantastic. Check it out here.
  • Feministing: "'Slut Panel' postmortem: Shame, shame, go away." The panel was part of the Rethinking Virginity conference at Harvard.
  • RH Reality Check: "The Longer I’m a Mom, the More I Am Pro-Choice."
  • Hello Ladies: "Confession: Sexual Harassment, I Dealt With It." I think a number of us can relate to this.
  • Gender Across Borders: "The Sexist Side of Social Networks."
  • USA Today: "Nutrisystem drops Lawrence Taylor after rape charge."
  • Gadling: "Small dick joke has TSA worker beaten up after security scanner incident."
  • Global Comment: "Fat and disability: what few of you want to hear."
  • Nerve: "Homosexual Shmomosexual: Mad Men's Alison Brie shares an especially experimental moment of college experimentation." Brie is also on Community.
  • Pharyngula: "Whatever happened to 'first, do no harm'?" This is about the American Academy of Pediatrics' compromise on female genital mutilation.
  • American Prospect: "Hollaback Moves Forward." Hollaback is an organization that deals with street harassment.
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

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