Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting out the word about Title IX and what it means

The National Women's Law Center has put out a new guide full of information about Title IX and what it means for education. The great part is it includes information past sports, which is what most people associated Title IX with. Check it out if you get a chance; here's a link to the PDF of the guide. Here's the release:
Women and girls have made great strides at all levels of education since Title IX, the landmark law that bans sex discrimination in education, was passed 38 years ago. But the fact is that sex discrimination in education still persists and many students, parents, and teachers may not realize that there are steps they can take to help students get equal opportunities in education.

That’s why the National Women’s Law Center is excited to announce the release of its new guide, It’s Your Education: How Title IX Protections Can Help You. This easy-to-use tool provides information to students at all levels of education about their rights under Title IX to ensure that male and female students receive the education they deserve. It’s Your Education lays out the key protections under Title IX and provides tips for students on what to do if they suspect that they are experiencing discrimination in school. 

Please pass this information on to a student, parent, or teacher in your life, because everyone deserves a fair chance to achieve their dreams.
Also! Today is the 38th anniversary of the passage of Title IX. Consider this: "Before Title IX’s passage, fewer than 300,000 high school girls played competitive sports. And now, over 3 million do." Read more about it at

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