Sunday, June 13, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (6/13/10)

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  • US News and World Report: "Kids With Lesbian Parents Do Just Fine." Something many of us already know, but I guess it's a good thing to see it "confirmed"?
  • New York magazine: "Transgender Protection Bill Defeated in State Senate." Awful news from the state of New York regarding the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act. I hope this isn't the end of the legislation.
  • CNN: "Surgery no longer a requirement for changing gender on passport." Good news!
  • Pigtail Pals: "What The Hell Happened To Summer Camp?" There are definitely some questionable summer camps programs out there; this is among the worst I've seen. (Though I have no doubt that many 4-year-old girls would love this.) But speaking of summer camps, this one for transgender children sounds great: "Camp Aranu'tiq -- A Summer Camp Of Our Own," at Transgriot.
  • Fem2.0: "A week of important news for women." (Thanks for including Spare Candy!)
  • Slate: "A Short History of 'Feminist' Anti-Feminists."
  • Pandagon: "Why don’t women cook as much as they used to?" Good stuff here.
  • USA Today: "FDA panel to mull 'morning-after pill' effective 5 days after sex." This is already available in Europe and is said to be more effective than Plan B.
  • Feministing: "Just When You Thought American Apparel Couldn't Fail Any Harder..." Yes, I will always let people know what a horrible company this is.
  • New York Times: "In Sweden, the Men Can Have It All." Like 13-month parental leave from work! This is part of a series "examining where women stand in the early 21st century." There are links to other stories from this one.
  • "Equal Pay Act, 47 Years Later." Still not equal. Do think it ever will be?
  • New York Times: "The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome." Discusses how animal cruelty is also associated with other crimes like domestic violence.
  • Newsweek has a big series on marriage, with stories like "I Don't: The case against marriage, "I Do. Here’s Why," and "I Do, Too," here, here and here. (There are also other stories.)
  • This review of the movie "Splice" is making its way around the internet, but I wanted to include in case anyone is thinking about seeing the movie and might want to know about some triggering plot points of the movie. It's full of spoilers, but worth reading, even with the all-caps writing style.
  • Chicago Tribune: "Going undercover: A mother wrestles with her daughter's decision to wear a hijab." Good first-person piece.
  • Jezebel: "When Your Breast Shape Goes Out Of Style." Yeah, did you know that can happen? You can thank Playboy for letting us know what kind of breasts are "fashionable." Like breasts are shoes, or something.
  • Reuters: "UN committee moves to keep out gay-lesbian NGO." Sigh.
  • New York Times: "Gay Couples Gain Under Violence Against Women Act." The headline is poorly worded, I think, given the subject matter, but ultimately this is a good thing.
  • The Sexist: "Sexist Beatdown: The Chat They Didn’t Want You to Read! Edition." About leaked celebrity sex tapes.
  • Feministe: "Girl hospitalized after self-inducing abortion" She is 13 years old. Her "boyfriend" is 30 years old.
  • NBC Miami: "Crist Vetoes Ultrasound Abortion Bill." This is good news.

Rape and Rape Culture
  • Daily Kos: "Outrage: Republican Senator blames 16-year-old rape victim!" This involves Nevada state Sen. Dennis Nolan, who said "he feels 'compelled to believe the sex was consensual' because the 16-year-old victim had been 'very sexually active' prior to the rape," among other things.
  • Feministing: "New teen sex study erases sexual assault."
  • The Pursuit of Harpyness: "High school students silenced after attempting to raise sexual abuse awareness." Ugh.
  • AWID: "Mexico: Supreme Court Protects Rape Victims." Says all women rape victims should have access to emergency contraception and abortion services. What a concept!
  • The Curvature: "Rape, Male Victims, and Why We Need to Care."

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