Sunday, June 6, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (6/6/10)

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Louise Bourgeois, the famed artist, died on Monday at age 98. Here is the New York Times obituary, which also has a slide show of her work. Artist Tracey Emin talked to the BBC about Bourgeois. ArtNet has an appreciation piece, as does Bitch magazine. There are tons of other stories about her and her life and her art, and I promise she is someone worth knowing about. (Pictured is Robert Mapplethorpe’s 1982 portrait of her. She is 71 years old in this picture, carrying a sculpture of a giant penis.)
  • New York Times: "In Camouflage or Veil, a Fragile Bond," about women in the Marines who are part of "female engagement teams," teams that try to connect with women in Afghanistan. They're made up of women because "Afghan women are culturally off limits to American men." They have run into a number of problems, but despite that this seems like a Good Thing to me.
  • Miami Herald: "Kamla Persad-Bissessar to be sworn in as Trinidad prime minister." She is the first woman prime minister there.
  • "No Woman (or Groupie) Deserves a Beating." About Kat Stacks, who was assaulted on video.
  • Los Angeles Times: "Booster Shot: More women are refused healthcare due to hospital ideology, report says." This infuriates me to no end. At what point do we say "If you're not going to provide care of all kinds to women, you don't get to be a hospital"?
  • New York Times: "Japan's 'Knuckle Princess' Arrives in U.S.," about Eri Yoshida, a woman playing professional baseball.
  • Chicago Tribune: "Women leave their stamp in manufacturing." According to the article, "Roughly three of four automotive manufacturing jobs are held by men, ... and as of 2006, women made up only 17.7 percent of all officials and managers in automotive manufacturing."
  • Gender Across Borders: "An Interview with Eleanor Bergstein: On Dirty Dancing, Feminism and the Film Industry." Even if you're not a fan of the movie, this is worth reading.
  • Jezebel: "Reality Bites: In Which The Girl Never Has To Play Dumb." About the movie. (I love this movie.)
  • The Guardian: "Why is there so much movie violence against women?" I have not heard of the movie being prominently discussed here, but this question is always worth asking.
  • USA Today: "Marriages more mixed than ever," at 15 percent of all marriages.

Rape and rape culture:
  • The Sexist: "Vintage Victim-Blaming: Feminism Causes Rape, and Other Crime Prevention Tips." If this doesn't sum things up, I don't know what does: "But 33 years later, the solution for reducing sexual assaults against women hasn’t changed: Tell them to stop moving about the world freely, and then blame them when they do."
  • Also at The Sexist: "Come for the Pizza, Stay for the Deconstruction of Masculinity." About one of the ways the organization Men Can Stop Rape are trying to do just that.
  • New York Times: "It's up to you, Mr. Holder," an editorial about stopping rape in prison.
  • Concord Monitor: "Police: Girl raped, then relocated." This is about the girl who was raped and then forced to stand in front of her fellow church-goers and apologize for it, among the other things that happened to her.
  • Pandagon: "No, really, the word “no” isn’t that confusing." More response to the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape story.
  • The SAFER blog: "Beyond the Campus: Week 9," a roundup of sexual assault and rape-related news. (And thanks to them for linking to this blog.)

Abortion and reproductive rights:
  • Politico: "Free birth control under health care?" Sounds too good to be true to me, but I would fully support this!
  • Women Make News: "Selling Eggs: The Untold Risks of Donation and Fertility Treatments and Need for Tracking."
  • I Blame The Patriarchy: "MRAs on parade: chumpass motherfucker declares ownership of girlfriend’s uterus." The headline is self-explanatory. Salon has a different take on the story, "A man's right to choose an abortion."
  • The Nation: "When Teen Pregnancy Is No Accident." Important topic and discussion here.
  • The Times (UK): "Women in Italy to be offered €4,500 to not have abortions." Yep. This is happening.
  • "Senate Votes to Repeal Ban on Abortions for Military Women." Technically it was voted on in committee, but yes, can we please make this happen?
  • Adelaide Now: "Abortion not used as birth control," a new study confirms.
  • Feministing: "The Impact of the Abortion Ban in Brazil." The story says "A recent study found that one in five women receive illegal abortions and at least 200,000 women are hospitalized each year because of complications related to abortion."
  • "HIV-positive women sue Namibian government over forced sterilization."

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