Thursday, June 24, 2010

These women are ANGRY! Angry, I say!

Actually, it's Church Hill (Tenn.) Police Chief Mark Johnson who is saying these women are "angry," a phrase the Associated Press is apparently all too happy to repeat and repeat again.

You see, a woman in a changing room discovered a peeping tom. She dropped something, bent down, and discovered an eye looking through a hole in the wall. And THEN -- brace yourselves -- women at the store got "ANGRY!" And! They DETAINED the guy at the store! Until the police showed up! Seriously, the AP version of this story is four paragraphs long. It has a whopping five sentences. And including the headline, it uses the phrase "angry women" three times. The headline:

'Angry women' detain accused changing room peeper

OF COURSE THEY ARE ANGRY. THEY JUST CAUGHT A PEEPING TOM. Yes, I know the police chief is quoted as saying the women were "angry." THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO KEEP REPEATING IT. Does the headline really lose its punch if it just says

Women detain accused changing room peeper

Really, it could even say "Customers detain accused changing room peeper." But no. Let's make sure everyone knows these are ANGRY WOMEN, by god. I mean, the nerve of them! To get angry! The headline on the story from the local newspaper where this incident occurred, the Kingsport Times-News, is slightly better only because it doesn't emphasize the angry women as much as the AP story. Their headline is "Peeping Tom suspect detained by 10 angry women at Church Hill thrift store." Again, could easily lose the "angry."

Anyway. Looks like this guy will charged with a couple misdemeanor crimes. If found guilty, he could spend some time in jail and/or pay a fine, but will not end up on a sex offenders list.

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Anonymous said...

And what's with the scare quotes around angry?


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