Sunday, July 11, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (7/11/10)

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The movie "The Kids Are All Right," starring Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as a lesbian couple with two kids, is getting rave reviews. People are already talking Oscar for Bening. The movie is directed by Lisa Cholodenko, who also co-wrote the movie with Stuart Blumberg. (Cholodenko also wrote and directed "High Art.") Jezebel has a good roundup of reviews, and check out Women & Hollywood's article, too. I haven't seen "The Kids Are All Right" yet, but after reading reviews, I plan to. Has anyone seen it yet? Thoughts?

In other news:
  • New York Times: "Phys Ed: What Exercise Science Doesn’t Know About Women."
  • The Post-Standard: "Dr. Robert Seidenberg, outspoken feminist and celebrated author, dies at 90."
  • Washington Post: "Health insurers may soon offer contraceptives at no extra cost." Wouldn't that be nice?!
  • Reuters: "Caster 'thrilled' to compete again." About runner Caster Semenya, who had to undergo gender testing after allegations that she wasn't a woman.
  • Newsweek: "Women Will Rule the World; Men were the main victims of the recession. The recovery will be female."
  • AP: "Hawaii governor vetoes same-sex civil unions bill."
  • Transgriot: "Legal Victory For Vandy Beth!"
  • AP: "Presbyterian leaders approve gay clergy policy."
  • AP: "White House silent on Mass. gay marriage ruling." The ruling involves federal benefits for gay couples.
  • "Google Can Find Only 8 Women to Honor, Over 100 Men." One of them is Frida Kahlo, and speaking of her ...
  • Leaving Evidence: "Reflecting on Frida Kahlo’s Birthday and The Importance of Recognizing Ourselves for (in) Each Other."
  • Shakesville: "13-Year-Old Girl Humiliated for Being Insufficiently USian." Ugh.
  • The Frisky: "Daughter Wants 'Artsy' Footage Dad Filmed Of Her Breasts Out Of NYU’s Archives." Warning, this one will leave a gross taste in your mouth.
  • Common Dreams: "What We Make Our Sisters Do for Healthcare."
  • Feministe: "Storytelling as a Radical Act."
  • The Curvature: "Alabama Expands Abuse Protection Law to Cover Dating Relationships."
  • Broadsheet: "Why can't 'career women' just be women?"
  • Daily Mail: "Playboy cancels Portuguese edition after it features Jesus Christ among topless models."
  • Politics Daily: "The Next 10 Women to Watch in Politics."
  • The Sexist: "Waterboarding Is Torture, Pickpocketing Is Theft, Rape Is Rape." Short, but with an important point.
  • BBC: "Majority of rape cases in NI do not end up in court." NI = Northern Ireland.
  • 10 TV (Ohio): "Alleged Rape Victim Says She's Target Of Intimidation."
  • AP: "Spain's unrestricted abortion law takes effect." Unrestricted in the first 14 weeks, that is.
  • Ms. magazine: "Louisiana Abortion Bills Become Law." Both laws are entirely suspect.

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