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Suggested Sunday reading (7/25/10)

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I'm going to start off this post with a feature on NPR, called "Hey Ladies: Being a Woman Musician Today." NPR says "We asked hundreds of women working as musicians today to tell us what it's like right now: the good, the bad and the same as it ever was. Read their responses, find new music and join the discussion." No doubt many of you have come across this already, but if you haven't, do spend some time reading the many parts of this piece. Much of it comes straight from the musicians, and it's really interesting. And, to be honest, I haven't heard of a number of these women, and I can't wait to look further into their music. (Pictured: Kelly Ogden of the Dollyrots.)

International news:
  • Huffington Post: "Spain Burqa Ban: Spanish Parliament To Consider Banning Islamic Veils In Public." Following France's example, I suppose.
  • CNN: "Afghanistan's 'Oprah' helps heal country's wounds."
  • The Independent: "'Leave your job or we will cut your head off your body...'" This is about Afghanistan. The secondary headline says "With violence on the rise, Afghan women are terrified at the prospect of a deal between President Karzai and the Taliban."
  • Illume: "Hillary Clinton Advocates for Women's Rights in Afghanistan."
  • Color Lines: "MAC, Rodarte Say Sorry for Juarez-Inspired Makeup." I don't know how these companies get to plead ignorance.
  • RH Reality Check: "Ending Child Marriage: It's a Smart Investment."
  • New York Times: "African Studies Give Women Hope in H.I.V. Fight."
  • Salon: "Women: The missing weapon against AIDS."
  • "Cambodian Sex Workers Raped, Beaten, and Electrocuted by Police."
  • New York Times Magazine: "The New Abortion Providers." This is a lengthy article, and one worth reading.
  • Chicago Breaking News: "Dead animals left at 2 clinics that perform abortions." I don't know about you, but I've always understood that leaving a dead animal somewhere is a threat of more violence to come. Here's another story about this.
  • LifeSite News: "Rep. Chris Smith to Introduce 'No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.'" We already have this legislation; it's called the Hyde Amendment.
  • "A Woman's Body: Neither an Incubator, a House, Nor a Meth Lab."
Other news:
  • Jezebel: "Jury Decides Consent Is Not Required For Girls Gone Wild." I've already posted this story on every social networking site that I'm on, but I still cannot believe this happened.
  • Mashable: "For Women, Social Media is More Than 'Girl Talk.'" I think most women I know would agree with this.
  • The Guardian: "Women are happy to let feminists get bashed."
  • Ms. blog: "Serial Killers and "Nappy-Headed Hos.'"
  • Huffington Post: "Club Monaco Mannequins Emaciated, Collarbones And Spines Show." This, to me, is really disheartening.
  • New York Times: "Prone to Error: Earliest Steps to Find Cancer." This is about early stage breast cancer, and every woman should read it to learn about how often it is misdiagnosed.
  • Have you heard about the blog "My Fault, I'm Female"? I highly recommend it. It's submission-based, and gives women the chance to share their stories of sexism and other related life situations they encounter. Check it out.
  • Incite blog: "Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: How Gender Violence on the Left Enables State Violence in Radical Movements."
  • Gender Across Borders: "Denial of Service: Sex Workers Confront U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and Protest the Anti-Prostitution Pledge."
Pop culture:
  • Ms. blog: "Is Lilith Fair Feminist? Sarah McLachlan's Not Sure." What do you think?
  • io9: "How Angelina Jolie fought to keep Salt from becoming "pretty.'"
  • Gender Across Borders: "Are Gay Parents 'Better' Than Straight Parents?" Thoughts after seeing the movie "The Kids Are All Right."
  • Feministing: "Degrassi to feature transgender character."
  • io9: "Janelle Monae turns rhythm and blues into science fiction."
  • The Washington Post: "On 'Friday Night Lights,' a brave and honest abortion story." This is one of my most favorite TV shows of the last 10 years or so, and I thought the way they handled this was excellent. But, the fallout for Connie Britton's character (Tami Taylor), is nothing short of infuriating. (I think that might be still to come in the series; I've already seen this season.)
  • The Consumerist: "Barbie Can Now Spy On Your Enemies For You."
  • And finally, this has nothing to do with anything except my own interests, but I love this story: "100 year-old whiskey frozen in Antarctic being thawed out." If you have any interest whatsoever in the early explorers of Antarctica, I can't recommend Ernest Shackleton's books enough. They are nonfiction and you will hardly believe all the trials he and his crew went through trying to reach the South Pole.

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