Sunday, July 4, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (7/4/10)

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You may have heard how Wonder Woman got a costume change this week, along with a new background . All sorts of people have weighed in on her new look, and guess what? It's controversial! Newsarama details the changes. Also check out On The Issues' "Wonder Woman: A Comic Book Character Shows the Way," for an overall look at the character. The Women's Media Center weighs in with "Wonder Woman in Pants is Not a Feminist Win." And Geekosystem responds to Fox News' charge that Wonder Woman's new look has stripped her of her patriotism. (Here's a big hint: She's not American!) Geekosystem also has this story: "Wonder Woman Gets New Costume, New Origin; We Get Angry, Resigned"

In other reading:
  • Daily Herald: "Fremd grad's beating in Chicago brings charge." This is the story of Matthew Leone, a member of the rock band Madina Lake, who intervened when he came across a man beating his wife on the street. He was seriously injured by the guy, but he just may have saved this woman. Who knows what would have happened if he hadn't stepped in. He is a hero, if you ask me.
  • Time: "How We're Failing Our Female Veterans."
  • WWD Media: "Australia Pushes New Body Image Standard," dealing with magazines, models, etc.
  • Voice of America: "Radio Station Seeks to Empower Palestinian Women." It's an all-women station.
  • The Guardian: "Scotland Yard condemned for serial sex attacker failings." The secondary headline says "Police officers could face dismissal after Kirk Reid went on offending for four years in 'shameful chapter' for Met."
  • The Nation: "Saudi Feminist Wajeha Al-Huwaider: An Open Letter to President Obama." Definitely worth reading.
  • NY Daily News: "Topless women may be welcome at Asbury Park beach, if city council says OK."
  • NPR: "How Women Changed The High Court ... And Didn't."
  • "One Woman's Costume Is Another Woman's Nightmare," dealing with cultural appropriation.
  • Rolling Around in My Head: "Disability Blog Carnival #67: Proud Voices." Lots of good stuff here.
  • The Curvature: "Scotland Anti-Rape Ad Tackles 'She Was Asking For It' Myth." If you haven't seen this ad yet, check it out.
  • The Sexist: "Courtney Stoker on Feminist Geek."
  • Ms. blog: "Where’d the Diaphragm Disappear To?" Excellent question.
  • Broadsheet: "Guns for batterers: One advocate says a domestic violence conviction is no match for the Second Amendment -- but is he right?"
  • The Guardian: "France outlaws psychological violence in attempt to tackle domestic abuse."
  • UN News Centre: "Sale of people is one of top illegal businesses in Europe, UN report says." According to the story, "The vast majority of victims tend to be young women who are subjected to rape, violence, imprisonment, drugging and other forms of abuse."
  • Gender Across Borders: "Intro to the Global Feminism Series." Looking forward to reading this series.
  • "Senate Candidate Sharron Angle: Your Rape Is Part of God's Plan." Umm, yeah.
  • BBC: "Rwanda's children of rape." Such a complicated spectrum of emotions.
  • AP: "'Virginity test' helps free 3 in Vietnam rape case." That would be three men who were convicted of rape.
  • Pam's House Blend: "Doctor testing fetus 'de-lesbian' hormone therapy on pregnant women." I cannot get over this story.
  • Ms. blog: "Iceland Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage." Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir married her partner soon after the law passed.
  • The Advocate: "Lesbian Refused License Name Change." This is in Tennessee.
  • NPR: "The Rhetoric That Shaped The Abortion Debate." Good background information here.
  • AP: "Planned Parenthood sues over Neb. abortion law." That would be the law that "would require women wanting abortions to be screened by doctors or other health professionals to determine whether they were pressured into having the procedure. Those women also would have to be screened for risk factors indicating they could have mental or physical problems after an abortion." Here's another story about it.
  • The Hill: "Republicans to launch new push for federal restrictions on abortion funding." Shocking, I know. Elections are coming up and here comes the obligatory abortion outrage.
  • ABC News: "Abortion: Last Resort For Hellish Morning Sickness." I was unaware of this condition, called hyperemesis gravidarum.
Pop culture:
  • Spinner: "Le Tigre Make Feminism Funny in New Tour Documentary." I hope this will be available to a wide audience at some point.
  • Independent: "My spirit walk with Tori Amos."
  • Los Angeles Times: "When 'Twilight' fandom becomes addiction." Be sure to read the last paragraph.
  • Jess Weiner: "ABC Family’s new series stirs up 'HUGE' anger, allegiance and conversation."
  • Forbes: "Lisbeth Salander, The Girl Who Started A Feminist Franchise." Are you reading these books? I've read (and loved) the first two. Plan on getting the third soon.

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