Friday, August 13, 2010

In History: Yoshioka Yayoi

This is the 38th post in a weekly feature here at Spare Candy, called "In History." Some posts might be little more than a photo, others full on features. If you have any suggestions for a person or event that should be featured, or would like to submit a guest post or cross post, e-mail me at rosiered23 (at) sparecandy (dot) com.

Yoshioka Yayoi was born in 1871 in Japan. She grew up to become a doctor, graduating from the Saisei-Gakusha school of medicine, and received the 27th medical license granted to a woman in Japan. Yoshioka started and opened the Tokyo Women's Medical School at a time when the Japanese government didn't even allow women to enroll in the national medical examination. She was active in the women's movement in Japan and advocated for sex education. During World War II, Yoshioka was a leading figure in patriotic women's associations, and after the she was involved in organizations promoting the education of women. She received a number of awards, including many after her death in 1959. A memorial museum dedicated to her exists in Kakegawa, Shizuoka.

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