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Suggested Sunday reading (8/22/10)

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On Aug. 18, the 19th Amendment -- the one giving women the right to vote in the United States -- turned 90 years old. The battle to get women the right to vote was a long one, and not without its own problems. There are some great articles on the topic:
  • Salon: "The 19th amendment turns 90 despite the haters."
  • Washington Post: "19th amendment anniversary: Politicians celebrate." (Good roundup of links.)
  • Colorlines: "The 90th Anniversary of a Women’s Right to Vote."
  • Bitch magazine: "Push(back) at the Intersections: How About Some -isms with Your Feminism?"
  • Providence Journal: "19th amendment timeline from 1848 to 1920."
  • Fordham: "Modern History Sourcebook: The Passage of the 19th Amendment, 1919-1920, Articles from The New York Times."
In other news:
  • Work in Progress: "US Chamber: Equal Pay 'a Fetish for Money,' Women Should 'Choose the Right Partner at Home.'" This is outrageous. The chamber in question is the US Chamber of Commerce, and you can read the original post here; note the update at the bottom, trying to apologize if people misinterpreted what the author meant. Also, the COO of the chamber responded, and disagrees with the original article. But don't miss the update at the end of Work in Progress' post either, because it's important.
  • OCD Chick: "Rob Dibble Rant and Response Roundup," about the baseball announcer's comments on some women who dared to talk during a baseball game.
  • Bloomberg: "How Teen Sex Affects Education: In romantic relationships it's academically harmless but less so in casual pairings, study finds." Hmmm.
  • Salt Lake Tribune: "Mormon feminism: It’s back." Also check out this article, "Mormon women’s quarterly starts up the presses — again."
  • Politics Daily: "'Eat, Pray, Love' Author to Lobby Congress for Bi-National Gay-Spouse Rights."
  • ABC News: "Top Ranked Lesbian Cadet Leaves West Point." Because of DADT. How many good people does our military have to lose before it's repealed?
  • Christian Science Monitor: "Mexico court upholds gay adoption law. Is Mexico more tolerant than US?"
  • CNN: "Shifting attitudes take gay rights fight across globe, experts say."
  • Religion Dispatches: "In the Trenches with the HRC, Working for Transgender Inclusion."
  • Stroller Derby: "Should Bars Refuse to Serve Pregnant Women?"
  • Museum of Modern Art: "Riot on the Page: Thirty Years of Zines by Women." So awesome!
  • Care2: "Men Wear Bras And Women Bare Their Breasts On 'Topless Day.'"
  • Huffington Post: "Women Take On Gender Apartheid in the Catholic Church."
  • Irish Times: "Let the struggle for women's equality in the church continue and intensify." This is part of a series; the links to the rest are on the page.
  • CNN: "What drives a mom to kill?" I thought this article was pretty decent, giving actual explanations for what some women experience, and not pointing too many "how could you?!" fingers.
  • Washington Times: "Poll: Women today treated with less chivalry." This whole article made me groan. Then again, consider its source.
  • Womanist Musings: "90 Year Old Grandmother Raped In Detroit." This is a must-read, IMO.
  • The Crunk Feminist Collective: "Antoine Dodson’s Sister: On Invisibility as Violence." Also must-read.
  • Advocate: "Target's 'Bigot Special.'" If you haven't seen this video yet, go watch it.
  • On Top magazine: "Shareholders Demand Changes As Target Boycott Rolls On."
Pop culture:
  • Womanist Musings: "Seth MacFarlane Really Needs A Mute Button."
  • After Ellen: "Read TV's biggest salaries and weep." Discussing men's and women's salaries for being on TV shows.
  • New York Times: "Sunrise at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce: A ‘Mad Men’ Photo Sequence." Included because it cracks me up.
  • Slate: "The Conservatism of 'The Switch.'"
  • Associated Press: "Newcomer lands starring role in U.S. remake of 'Dragon Tattoo.'" Her name is Rooney Mara.

Photo: Alice Paul, leader of the National Woman’s Party, unfurled the completed Ratification Flag in Washington D.C. in August 1920 to celebrate passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing women nationally the right to vote. (Credit: Library of Congress/”Winning the Vote”)

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