Sunday, August 8, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (8/8/10)

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This week, I've been really interested in the conversations taking place about the Eminem song "Love the Way You Lie," featuring Rihanna, and the video for the song, which came out this week. If you haven't seen the video, you can check it out on YouTube, or it's embedded in this article on The Stir, "'Love the Way You Lie' Video: Domestic Violence Has Never Looked Like This." (Content warning for depictions of domestic abuse.) I've come across some good back-and-forth discussions on Tumblr, some of which I've reposted and added to, if you want to check them out. Personally, I think both the song and the video are actually really great and thought-provoking, though I can see the other side of the discussion (that it glorifies domestic violence, that it sounds like you should empathize with the abuser, or that you have to consider the source). You can read more about the video at Bitch and Feministing. Also, Megan Fox, who stars in the video with Dominic Monaghan, did something really great: she donated her appearance fee to the Sojorn House, a shelter for abused women. Good on her.

In other reading:
  • New York Times: "Indonesia Finds Banning Pornography Is Difficult." As in banning all porn on the entire Internet.
  • Wall Street Journal: "Islamic Feminists Storm Some Barricades: Can pray-ins by Muslim women end segregation at U.S. mosques?"
  • BBC: "Blog reveals Afghanistan medic Karen Woo's dedication." Woo was one of the medics recently killed in Afghanistan.
  • Boston Globe: "Women on Supreme Court no longer 'curiosities.'" Elena Kagan was sworn in this week, as the fourth woman to ever serve on the court.
  • Shakesville: "Today in Rape Culture." This post is about a doctor who has been charged with sexually assaulted a number of patients -- and won't lose his medical license.
  • Womanist Musings: "Keep Your Cum To Yourself." High "ick" factor here.
  • "Bangladesh Outlaws Fatwas That Call For Flogging Of Rape Victims."
  • The Daily Beast: "A New Fight Over Abortion Access." About crisis pregnancy centers.
  • Gender Across Borders: "Abortion and domination in France and Brazil." Also at GAB: "Brava, Kristof: A Column All About Abortion and Misoprostol."
  • The Hill: "Senate Republicans push bill to limit abortion coverage."
  • GOP Choice: "Guest Blog from Amanda Mountjoy, RMC’s Colorado Chapter Chair," on the personhood amendment on the ballot in Colorado.
  • Pride in Utah: "Transgender Woman Refused Hospital Treatment."
  • Children's Hospital Boston: "Children’s gives transgender tween new hope."
  • Genderbitch: "Feminist Disavowal Of Cissexism."
  • The Wonk Room: "In Historic Move, HHS Encourages LGBT-Inclusive Sexual Education."
  • Colorlines: "BP's Dumping Oil-Spill Waste in Communities of Color, Study Finds."
  • Jezebel: "A Woman's Vagina — In Public — Faces Tough Expectations." I can't get over the prevent-camel-toe-inserts. Cannot even begin to believe those exist.
  • Jessica Valenti: "Slut-shaming and misogyny as traffic bait."
  • Little Merry Sunshine: "What This Woman Really Wants Is Not A Vacuum Cleaner."
  • Deeply Problematic: "Women and bodily functions: poop."
  • Feministing: "The Gap wants you to cover up your ugly legs." No really, they do.
  • Jezebel: "When It Comes To Women's Issues, Facebook Still Hasn't Figured Out How To Play Fair." And that would seemingly apply to this Facebook event page.
  • Women and Hollywood: "If Women Like It, It Must Be Stupid." Excellent post.
  • Jezebel: "Ann Taylor: 'We Agree Our Retouching Has Been Overzealous.'"
  • Feministing: "Don't Mess with Tami!" about the abortion storyline on "Friday Night Lights."

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George MCCasland said...

Now he should consider making one showing that nearly half the batterers are women. Such as the Major League Baseball Pitcher who was beaten on by his girlfriend, a super model, while driving in their car on a California freeway at the same time it was happening to Rihanna. I guess it male victims don't make all the news. It was just a back page story in the LA Times.

Annette's Story: The Other Face Of Domestic Violence


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