Sunday, September 12, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (9/12/10)

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This week has seen a number of good and interesting articles from one source: The Guardian, a newspaper in the UK. I have this feeling, unverified by anything except doing this Sunday reading column for more than a year now, that The Guardian consistently features more articles about feminism and women's issues than nearly any other newspaper, and certainly more than any newspaper in the United States. (Thoughts on that?) With that said, I want to point out some of their recent articles:

Abortion and reproductive health and rights:
  • Hello Ladies: "Ohio Working Mothers Need Not Apply." P.S., I live in Ohio. Great.
  • ABC: "Molotov Cocktail thrown at Madera's Planned Parenthood." This is in California.
  • WSOC TV: "Concord Man Charged In Plot To Bomb Women’s Clinic." But I'm sure they're pro-life!
  • The Unneccesarean: "Medical Student Won't Perform Pelvic Exams on Anesthetized Patients." This is a must read.
  • "Utah Lawmaker's Brilliant Cost-Cutting Plan? Cut Epidurals." FFS.
  • Daily Kos: "Too Easy." About how, according to 48 percent of American voters, it's "too easy" to have an abortion in this country.
  • Sydney Morning Herald: "Birth rights," about birth rape and women's experiences giving birth. Also check out Salon's "The push to recognize 'birth rape.'"
  • Ms. magazine: "Women Imprisoned for Miscarriages Freed In Mexico."
  • New Jersey Star-Ledger: "N.J. abortion doctor temporarily stops practicing medicine while under investigation." Ugh.

Sexual assault and rape:
  • Houston Press: "Laura Resendez: Another Woman Sues Over Alleged Sexual Assault In Iraq"
  • Charlie Glickman: "The Most Important Thing That Men Who Have Sex With Women Need to Know." This is really good.
  • ABC News: "Many Campus Assault Victims Stay Quiet, or Fail to Get Help." Including this for the information; I hate the word "fail" in the headline, and for the record, I don't think anyone is required to not stay quiet or to get help. It's up to each person.
  • Yes Means Yes: "False Rape Allegations Are Rare." If only more people believed that.
  • Salon: "Indian rape victims subjected to 'finger test.'" I can't even.
  • St. Louis Today: "Disabled woman was tortured and held as a sex slave." (Such a minor point compared to the content of the story, but "disabled woman"? Come on, headline writers.)

In other news:
  • CNN: "Tens of millions of 'missing' girls." A talk given by author Sheryl WuDunn.
  • New York Times: "Appeals Court in Atlanta Again Rejects Racial Discrimination Claim."
  • CNN: "Son seeks proof Iranian stoning case 'on hold.'"
  • Associated Press: "Female, single, over 30: Iraqis count cost of war."
  • The New Civil Rights Movement: "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Court – Now What?"
  • Washington Post: "One of Afghanistan's rare female Olympians now running for parliament."
  • Jezebel: "Why You Must See Unretouched Images, And Why You Must See Them Repeatedly."
  • Women's Views on the News: "Sexism is still rife among football players."
  • Jezebel: "Why Is It Weird When Your Boyfriend Is Not As Tall As You Are?"
  • Associated Press: "Little Rock 9 member Jefferson Thomas dies in Ohio."
  • The Consumerist: "Court Rejects Lawsuit Against Ladies Nights." I always hate the idea of ladies night.
  • Feministe: "Shameful Behaviour," about slut-shaming.
  • Tiny Cat Pants: "Who’s Watching the Women?"
  • The Nerve: "Girl Scouts breed 'pro-abortion' lesbians, says Republican." Lawls.
  • Jezebel: "Citibank HR Tells Ladies How To Succeed At Work." I truly hope they are ashamed of themselves for this, but somehow I doubt it.

Pop culture:
  • Falling Awkwardly: "Escaping the Fridge." This is about a storyline in the video game Dragon Age, which I have been playing (a lot) recently.
  • New York Magazine: "Rating the Practicality of Female-Action-Hero Fashion, From Alien to Resident Evil 4."
  • Women and Hollywood: "Women’s Stories Dominate Venice Film Festival."
  • Hollywood Reporter: "Betty White gets comic book treatment." I love this line of comic books.
  • Ars Marginal: "Via Loose Canon: Tropes of Women of Color in Sci-Fi."
  • The Awl: "Footnotes of Mad Men: The Promethean Woman, or, Our Dog in the Parthenon." God I love this show.
  • Ms. blog: "Breaking News: Lindsay Lohan Benefits from White Privilege!"

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