Sunday, September 19, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (9/19/10)

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You might have heard a lot this week about Ines Sainz, the NFL reporter who alleged that a harassment case took place in the New York Jets Locker Room last Sunday. The coverage has been pretty awful, if you ask me. Just read through this Chicago Tribune story, "Sainz's NFL saga poor example of work of women covering sports," featuring lovely quotes like this one: "I say if you dress like that, be prepared. I will say that I've never been made to feel uncomfortable in the Bears' locker room." Some other (and better, mostly) reading on the case:
  • Hello Ladies: "4 Lessons From Ines Sainz and the New York Jets."
  • RobotCeleb: "Roger Goodell announces new training program because of Ines Sainz and Jet’s locker room antics."
  • New York Times: "Limits on Women Reinforce N.F.L.'s Boys' Club Mentality."
  • Football News Now: "Jets Won’t Be Fined for Female Reporter Incident."
  • New York Daily News: "Ines Sainz accepts Jets owner Woody Johnson's apology in sex harass flap, says can't 'happen again.'"

In other news:
  • Knotty Yarn: "Why I Am A Feminist, and Why I Will Shout It Loudly Into the Ears of Anyone That Will Listen." This is from July, but I really like it.
  • A Black Girl's Guide To Weight Loss: "Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, & Weight Gain: Facing Facts." This is worth your time. Really good.
  • VOA News: "WHO: Global Maternal Mortality Declines by More Than One-Third." Also check out "A Matter of Life and Death: The Preventable Crisis of Maternal Mortality," on the Huffington Post.
  • Feminist Peace Network: "Tubal Ligation In The Aftermath Of Pakistani Flood."
  • Ms. blog: It was bell hooks week, and they have a collection of links up.
  • The Crunk Feminist Collective: "Life is Not a Fairytale: Black Women and Depression."
  • Feministe: "Fat acceptance: when kindness is activism."
  • Pam's House Blend: "Tennessee lesbian couple burned out of home in suspected hate crime needs help." You can read more about this here.
  • Ms. blog: "Young Immigrant Women Have a DREAM," about the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minor's Act.
  • Tree Hugger: "Why American Women Accept Climate Change Science More Than Men." Hmm.
  • Care2: "African-American Boys Suspended Three Times More Than White Boys." Also in the article: "Black girls were suspended at four times the rate of white girls."
  • Bloomberg: "Goldman Sachs Sued Over Alleged Gender Discrimination."
  • IPS: "Michelle Bachelet's Appointment to Head UN Women Widely Applauded."
  • GLTNN: "New York City coalition condemns ongoing murders of members of the LGBT community in Puerto Rico."
  • CNN: "Transgender Politics," about the race in Oklahoma between transgender Democratic candidate, Brittany Novotny, and the socially conservative Republican incumbent, Sally Kern. Also check out "Oklahoma lawmaker Sally Kern supporter calls transgender opponent a 'confused it'" on NewsOK.
  • The WIP: "Facing Double Discrimination: Cambodian Lesbians Are Breaking the Silence."
  • Just Out: "Study: Nearly 9 in 10 LGBT Students Harassed at School."
  • The Guardian: "Wayne Rooney's infidelity exposes law's misogyny." This is a good read.
  • National Women's Law Center: "Women's Poverty Soared in 2009."
  • FTS Blog: "Uganda: From Forced Marriage in a War Zone to Peace Scout."
  • WZZM: "Kent County Commissioners vote to remove abortion benefits." This is in Michigan.
  • "California Planned Parenthood Medical Center Firebombed."
  • "The FBI's Shockingly Narrow Definition of Rape."
  • CTV News: "Don't share photos of gang-rape: victim's father." So, so awful.
Pop culture:
  • The Mirror: "The women strikers who bought Ford to its knees .. and the major motion picture that's been made about it."
  • This Ain't Livin': "The Windup Girl: Orientalism, Science Fiction, and Wasn’t Your Own Culture Good Enough For Your Dystopian Novel?"
  • BBC: "Helen Mirren makes Prospero a woman in Shakespeare film."
  • The Bay Citizen: "Geena Davis Says Girl Characters Mostly Stereotypes."
  • The fbomb: "Women in Pre-Code Film."
  • Gender Across Borders: "The Case for why Peggy Olson is NOT Mad Men’s Feminist Hero."
  • In Style: "Fashion Week’s First-Ever Plus-Size Fashion Show!"
  • Slate: "Can a Woman Be a "Great American Novelist"?"
  • After Ellen: "Katy Perry sings "Ur So Gay" in revenge, remains offensive while doing so."
  • The Consumerist: ""Sexy" "Sesame Street" And "Costume" Should Not Be In The Same Sentence." Just ... ugh. No.

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