Sunday, September 5, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (9/5/10)

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Something a little different to start this week's post: A recommendation for an entire blog. Have you heard about the 30 Mosques 30 States project? The "about" section of the site describes it as this: "30 Mosques in 30 States is Aman Ali and Bassam Tariq’s Ramadan road trip across the United States. Beginning August 11 in New York City, the two will spend each night of Ramadan at a different mosque in 30 states around the country." They're just about done with their trip, but I would encourage anyone interested to start at the beginning and read through it. It's really, really good, as are the photos -- and you might just learn something! CNN wrote a story about the project that you can read here, also with video.

Abortion-related news:
  • RH Reality Check: "Lacking Health Insurance, More Women Turning to Do-It-Yourself Abortion." The class issues involved here ... cause you know that when women in poverty actually have kids, conservatives (and let's face it, others) want to get all judgmental and say things like "why did you have kids if you can't afford them," and "we don't want to pay for your welfare/food stamps/WIC, so just get a job already." Not to mention the safety and health issues involved in this. Ugh.
  • Wire Update: "11-year-old gives birth in southern Mexico after being denied abortion despite rape." You may remember reading about this girl before. So awful.
  • The Scavenger: "Why I help teenagers get secret abortions."
  • Huffington Post: "Colorado Senate Candidate Ken Buck Insists Rape, Incest Are No Excuse For An Abortion." I really hope the voters in Colorado don't put this guy in office.
  • RH Reality Check: "Access to Abortion: Red State, Blue State, Interstate."
  • CBS News: "N.J. Man Thomas Hill Raped Wife Because She Wouldn't Get Abortion, Say Cops." Forcing (or trying to force) a women to get an abortion is never okay. All about control.

Violence against women:
  • Colorlines: "Women Detainees Sexually Abused as ICE Polices Itself."
  • "Ex-Marine Receives Life For Taking Another." I can't really describe what happened here other than to say a man Marine was accused of raping a woman Marine, and she later turned up dead in his yard. Just read the article.
  • Campus Progress: "The Street Harassment Problem." Reviews the book "Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Spaces Safe and Welcoming for Women" by Holly Kearl.
  • "Bias Against Sex Workers Let Serial Killer Murder 21 Women."

In other news:
  • Al Jazeera: "Native women 'disappear' in Canada: On the International Day of the Displaced, activists say fate of hundreds of missing indigenous women must be examined."
  • Ms. magazine: "Campaign Workers for Afghan Woman Candidate Murdered."
  • "Indigenous Oaxacan Woman Sues Missisippi Hospital For Taking Her Baby." I can't even.
  • Huffington Post: "Ordination of Bhikkhunis in the Theravada Tradition." This is pretty cool. Four women were declared fully ordained as bhikkhunis, Buddhist nuns, in the Thai Theravada tradition, the first such ordination ever in the Western hemisphere.
  • Slate: "The Mother of All Grizzlies: Ruth Bader Ginsburg shows how feminism is done. Again."
  • FWD/Forward: "Signal Boost: Submissions Requested for the September Disability Blog Carnival." These are always really good, and they're looking for submissions.
  • New York Times: "A Palin of Our Own" (op-ed). This is a good read. Also check out "How Feminists' Eggs Came Home to Roost," on Huffington Post. I think it's pretty spot on, especially this line: "Why are Democratic women moving backwards? Because we've promised our vote to one party on the basis of one issue [abortion]. We have no bargaining power or leverage." And there's also "Women Losing Out in Congress" on Tapped.
  • Owning Pink: "Want a Raise? Wash Your Vagina." Yes, this advice was actually given.
  • San Francisco Chronicle: "Are Bikini Baristas 'Bad Feminists?'"
  • Feministe: "Marginalized folks shouldn’t always have to be 'the bigger persons.'"
  • NOW has a new webiste called Ratify Women! and it's all about CEDAW. Lots of info there.
  • Women's eNews: "Welfare Job Rules Hit Women With Disabilities."
  • Feministing: "A Victory for Domestic Workers." This is in New York state.
  • Los Angeles Times: "Fidel Castro takes 'responsibility' for persecution of Cuban gays." Hmm.
  • Shakesville: "What You're Projecting Ain't Saying Much For Ya." This post contains this excellent line: "In short, they fear gay men treating them the way they treat women."
  • Bitch magazine: "Push(back) at the Intersections: Hello, Appropriation!"

Popular culture:
  • Jezebel: "'Huge' & The Future Of Fat On TV" (there are some spoilers). I enjoyed the show, I hope they bring it back for a second season.
  • Think Progress: "Mary Louise Parker Calls O’Reilly An 'Idiot' For Attacking Jennifer Aniston’s Comments On Single Motherhood."
  • The Nation: "On 'Friday Night Lights,' Abortion Stigma Goes Primetime" (mild spoilers). Man, I love this show. And this is a good article.
  • Slate: "Emmys Reward Smart, Nuanced Female Characters."
  • The Atlantic: "What Hath Feminism Wrought," something of a review of the book "What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815-1848," by Daniel Walker Howe. Sounds quite interesting.
  • "U.K. Magazine Says No More Models or Celebrities."
  • Cinema Blend: "Kristen Bell Organizes Fans To Demand A Veronica Mars Movie." I haven't ever watched the show, but I know people who really liked it.


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I love reading your blog and when you said self-promotion I got hooked. I have been working on connecting third-wave feminism to neo-pagan witchcraft or actually feminist witchcraft. See most of the original feminist witchcraft was second wave and I wanted to bring third wave to the picture. Well, anyway here is my blog:

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