Sunday, October 17, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (10/17/10)

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I'm not normally big on the kind of column I'm about to quote, but I love the answer given in this one by Carolyn Hax for the Washington Post. She answers a question about (paraphrasing) why women are in relationships with "abusive" men instead of with "nice" men. Her answer is short, but great. Here's just part of it:
If you're male, and if you're angry that women aren't receptive to you when you see yourself as a "nice" guy, and you believe these women are instead receptive to abusive guys, then maybe it would be productive to consider that you're harboring attitudes about women (and men, for that matter) that aren't really "nice" at all.
The conversation goes on to discuss Nice Guy Syndrome; it's good.

In other news:
  • The Vancouver Sun: "Afghan activist calls for end to NATO 'occupation' of her country."
  • The Guardian: "The new anorexics: big increase in eating disorders among women over 30."
  • Huffington Post: "Closing the Gender Gap," by U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney.
  • ABC News: "Citigroup Sued by 6 Women Alleging Gender Bias."
  • BBC: "Iceland 'best country for gender equality.'" I want to go to there.
  • USA Today: "Women in politics? The U.S. is failing." When it comes to women's representation in the government, the United States ranks 90th out of 186 countries worldwide. And is expected to lose women in the next election.
  • Spero News: "Africa launches Women's Decade with keynote address from deputy UN chief."
  • New York Times: "The True Mission of 'Crisis Pregnancy Centers.'" Also check out the Wall Street Journal article "Council Sets Abortion Fight; New Bill Would Set Strict Disclosure Requirements for Crisis-Pregnancy Centers."
  • The Age: "Advocates call for abortion law reform." This is about the couple in Queensland, Australia, who was acquitted of a charge over a home abortion. Abortion is illegal in most cases in Queensland.
  • New York Post: "Paladino leases to abortion clinic." Even though he is against abortion in any case, Paladino is the landlord of a Planned Parenthood clinic. Go figure.
  • Salt Lake Tribune: "Abortion access and training expands in Utah."
  • Sydney Morning Herald: "Talking About Rape: There are many reasons women don't report rape. I know, because it happened to me - twice."
  • Good Feed: "In Yale Fraternity Pledging, Rape Is Laughing Matter." Awful. Just awful. So full of privilege I can smell it from here. You can sign a petition about this at
  • Feminist Majority Foundation: "Two Indigenous Mexican Rape Victims Awarded Damages."
  • The Curvature: "Canadian Court Overturns Ruling that Rape Victim Must Remove Niqab to Testify."
  • Associated Press: "NYC officials outraged over anti-gay gang torture."
  • The F Word: "Why cis attendees of RTN are letting trans women down."
  • Jezebel: "Oklahoma Teen Commits Suicide After Homophobic Meeting."
  • Windy City Times: "Queer suicides: Complicate the issue."
  • CNN: "Florida won't appeal ruling stopping adoption ban by gay men, lesbians." Awkwardly worded headline, but this is good news.
  • Washington Post: "Pentagon to comply with court order to end 'don't ask, don't tell.'"
  • The Grio: "Family embraces 5 year old son who wants to be princess." I love this story. What a great family.
Pop Culture:
  • Washington Post: "Why 'Mad Men' is TV's most feminist show."
  • New York Times: "Women on the Verge of a Big Broadway Gamble," about "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown," the new Broadway musical by film director Pedro Almodóvar.
  • Spangle: "The Slippery Slope of the MPAA's New Ratings Policy." This is a great article.
  • Women & Hollywood: "Zero Progress Made on Gender Disparity in Films Targeted at Kids."
  • ComingSoon: "First Look at Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe."
  • Women & Hollywood: "Awards Watch: Women Directors Dominate The Documentary Shorts."
  • Ms. blog: "Rape Kit Backlog Hits Primetime on 'SVU.'"

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