Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Planning on voting Nov. 2? Check out these resources

The United States has a big mid-term election on Nov. 2, with all House seats and a number of Senate seats on the line (as well as all kinds of state and local races and issues, of course). If you're planning to vote, or thinking about voting, check out these two resources:

NARAL's Pro-Choice Voter's Guide:
This is an excellent tool to check candidates' stances on abortion. It has a map of all 50 states. Click on, say, Ohio, and you'll find this information on the Senate race:
Lieutenant Gov. Lee Fisher (D) is pro-choice.
Lieutenant Gov. Lee Fisher has been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC.)

Rob Portman (R) is anti-choice.
  • Former Rep. Portman voted to deny funding of abortion care to survivors of rape and incest. [House vote #619 (8/3/95); House vote #51 (3/7/96)]
  • Endorsed by the National Right to Life PAC.
  • Endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life PAC.
  • For 12 of the 13 years Rob Portman served in Congress, his Congressional Voting Record score was zero.
You'd also find similar information on all the House races, as well voter registration and early/absentee voting deadlines, and links to help find your polling place if you don't know it.

National Women's Law Center's "Why Women Should Vote: Fact Sheets"
From the site:
The 2010 midterm elections will have a critical effect on whether women and families will get the helping hand they need in these difficult times. In the coming months, Congress is poised to make decisions on a host of critical issues, including unemployment insurance, health insurance coverage, and other important supports for struggling families.

Women’s votes make an important difference, and we can't afford for women to sit this one out. To learn more, read our fact sheets on Why Women Should Vote.  If women don’t show up to vote, we’ll all lose.
Any other resources you would recommend? Leave a link in the comments!

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