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Suggested Sunday reading (10/10/10)

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There is a lot of news this week. Well, there always is, but I might have spent way too much time online this week, thus coming across more news. So I'm just going to jump right in with the links, but I want to highlight this story on Shakesville, "Consent. Autonomy. Respect. Dignity.", which compares two cases involving bullying and sexual assault that ended in suicide (Tyler Clementi and Hope Witsell, pictured) and how the reactions to each suicide have differed. Read this; it's good.

In other news:
  • Spilt Milk: "The good wife." This is a really great satirical piece that is in response to the truly awful ABC News story "'Women to blame' for bad Aussie husbands."
  • Morning Star: "News Corp.'s Fox News Denies Retaliating Vs Reporter As EEOC Claims." From the article: "According to the EEOC, Fox News retaliated against reporter Catherine Herridge after she complained to Fox that she was subjected to disparate pay and unequal employment opportunities because of her gender and age."
  • Bloomberg News: "Wall Street Says Women Worth Less as Disparity Over Pay Widens."
  • Time magazine: "Another Clue to the Scarcity of Women Executives."
  • eScience News: "Sociologists find lowest-paid women suffer most from motherhood penalty."
  • Feminist Law Professors: "Selling Sex in Canada vs. Buying Sex in Sweden."
  • AlterNet: "What It's Like To Be a Man Who Doesn't Want Sex."
  • Jezebel: "Do Young Men Need a New Kind of Masculinity?"
  • Primer: "The Millennial Man’s Field Guide to Feminist Mythbusting." I thought this was a good overall primer, for lack of a better word, on feminists.
  • Corpulent: "Two Piece Swimsuit, Two Middle Fingers."
  • Telegraph: "French women cause a stir in niqab and hot pants in anti-burka ban protest." Note, there's a video of the protest that will automatically start playing. Also check out Muslim Media Watch's "Does NiqaBitch Enrich the Burqa Ban Debate?"
  • New York Times: "For Female Marines, Tea Comes With Bullets."
  • "God Goes Gender Neutral." From the article: "The Scottish Episcopal Church isn't the biggest religious organization around, but it made a big splash with its recent decision to no longer refer to God as male."
  • Washington Post: "Women optimistic about drive for a women's history museum."
  • Haaretz: "Israeli rabbi: Honey-pot sex is kosher for female Mossad agents." Um, what?
Rape/rape culture/sexual assault:
  • The Raw Story: "15-year-old raped in court: Rapist gets probation, teen gets 12 months." This is beyond outrageous. This girl was literally raped in the courthouse when she was there for a hearing. The guy who raped her AND sexually assaulted two other teens got probation, while this girl got sentenced to a year in prison for a false police report. How utterly fucked up is our justice system? Especially when it comes to sex-related crimes? I can't stand it.
  • Christian Science Monitor: "In Congo mass rapes, UN guilty of negligence, not complicity." Also check out the BBC story "DR Congo rebel leader arrested over mass rapes."
  • "Feds Lied About Catching Serial Rapist Who Targeted Native Teens."
  • The Frisky: "Anti-Binge Drinking Campaign Slut-Shames Drunk Girls."
  • Chronicle Live (UK): "Rape victims are the focus of special team." This story is about what's happened in the year since the Rape Investigation Team was formed.
  • Gainesville Sun: "Alcohol a factor in majority of rape cases at UF." OR! Rapists are a factor in the majority of rape cases.
  • Huffington Post: "Failure to Test Rape Kits is a National Embarrassment." Agreed, to the nth degree.
  • The Herald (Scotland): "New ways to help rape victims," such as using mobile phone records, which I can understand, but I do not like the sound of this: "Expert testimony from psychologists about a person’s behaviour after they claim to have been raped will now prove to be a vital second strand of evidence." I really hope those psychologists know how many varied reactions there are to being raped. There is no one "right" way to react.
  • Questioning Transphobia: "Penny Arcade Markets Rape Culture." Really, these guys can bit me. Also check out "Devil May Rant's "Welp. Bye PA."
  • The Curvature: "Australian Women Report Sexual Abuse in Victoria Psychiatric Wards."
  • The Curvature: "More Details Emerge in Decision to Not Prosecute MSU Rape Allegations."
Abortion/reproductive news:
  • "Doctor charged with pointing handgun at abortion protesters." Not cool at all. There is no reason for this other than self-defense, which doesn't sound like the case here.
  • "British biologist who developed in vitro fertilization wins Nobel Prize."
  • "What if We Took 'Fetal Personhood' Literally?"
  • Ms. blog: "It's Not Abortion That Drives You Mad, It's the Law."
  • "4000 Years for Choice Celebrates a Long History of Abortion and Contraception."
  • Prison Law Blog: "California: Gov. Schwarzenegger Vetoes Ban on Shackling Pregnant Women."
  • Medical News Today: "Manassas, Va., Resolution Backs Stricter Rules For Abortion Clinics."
  • "Polish Woman Dies When Doctors Refuse Treatment, Fearing for Fetal Life."

  • Human Rights Campaign: "Mormon leader gives anti-gay sermon after suicides – Sign the open letter!"
  • Colorlines: "Study Shows How to Build LGBT, Racial Justice Movements Together."
  • Paz En La Vida: "Latina Trans Student Blocked From Running for Homecoming Queen."
  • Shakesville: "What happens," about transphobia, trans people in prison and sexual assault.
  • "Walmart To Sell Book About Curing Gay People."
Popular culture:
  • Chicago Sun-Times: "She-Ra still 'fighting the good fight,' 25 years later." I have lots of sentimental love for She-Ra.
  • Pajiba: "The Reprehensible Sexualization of Rape." This is about the movie and movie poster for the re-make of the 1978 rape-revenge movie "I Spit On Your Grave." Jezebel also has a story about the movie, "The Return Of I Spit On Your Grave's Rape And Revenge Fantasies."
  • Jezebel: "The Social Network, Where Women Never Have Ideas." I've been hearing that this movie is great, and that it's inclusion and portrayal of women are awful. Don't think I'll be seeing it in the theater. Also check out the New Statesman's story "Facebook, capitalism and geek entitlement."
  • The Guardian: "Lisa Cholodenko: 'I wanted to make a film that was not sanctimonious or sentimental.'" Cholodenko is behind the movie "The Kids Are All Right."
  • Ms. blog: "No Comment: Axe Body Wash Will 'Scrub Away the Skank.'" Who in the world came up with this??
  • Feministing: "Unapologetic fat people, removed from your TV." About the cancellation of the ABC Family show "Huge," which I really enjoyed. There is a petition to bring it back; link is in the the story. Sign it, please! And check out the Jezebel story: "Nikki Blonsky Talks About Huge's Cancellation."
  • Women and Hollywood: "A Feminist Fall at the Movies."
  • New York Times: "The Unwilling Diva," about Katherine Heigl. I love this quote from her: "I’ve been told I’m too forthright with opinions. Well do they want a fierce woman or milquetoast? Should I be me, or should I pretend to be something I think people want? Pretending seems pretty ridiculous to me. I didn’t think that what I was was so bad that I needed to hide it."
  • After Ellen: "The 50 Most Important Queer Women in Music."
  • Entertainment Weekly: "Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Rachel Dratch heading to 'Women of SNL' special." It's set to air Nov. 1.
  • Zap2It: "'Reviving Ophelia': Jane Kaczmarek takes -- and plays -- parenting seriously." I still can't believe this is going to be a Lifetime movie.
  • The Hollywood Reporter: "GLAAD: Only 6 disabled primetime characters."
  • Jezebel: "The Blue Valentine Trailer: Now With Bonus NC-17 Drama." I'm really curious about this movie.

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Betty said...

Amazing how much stuff can happen so quickly and how mixed up things can get. You've listed some very interesting Sunday reading options. Currently, I'm reading an interesting book called "Rain Dance" by Joy DeKok. This is a must read for anyone who has struggled with infertility or has gone through an abortion.


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