Sunday, October 31, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (10/31/10)

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Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you made it through without being exposed to too many awful costumes. What makes an awful costume? Well, Colorlines has helpfully provided a list of "Seven Racist Costumes to Avoid This Halloween," so that's a start (though oddly, their list doesn't include any Native American/Pocahontas-type costumes, which I think are extremely common). You can also check out Resist Racism's "The annual Halloween post." Then, of course, there are the oh-so-many "sexy" versions of costumes. Like "sexy Big Bird," which should never ever ever have been made. Ever.

In other news:
  • Village Voice: "Dustin Dominiak: The Guy Who Sleazed Christine O'Donnell, Says Friend (Updated)." I'm not going to link to the Gawker article in question; you can find it easily enough if you want to read it. But I will link to this article outing the author of the Gawker article. Also check out this Politico article: "Christine O'Donnell camp rips Gawker 'slander,'" and this article: "NOW Defends O'Donnell After One Night Stand Story." I posted my thoughts about this on Tumblr. In short, I'm with O'Donnell on this.
  • AlterNet: "Covered up: More than 1/3 of American woman soldiers raped." This deals with some documents recently made public by WikiLeaks.
  • Jezebel: "How To Rape A Woman And Get Away With It." Major trigger warning here.
  • The Curvature: "Media Employ Tabloid Tactics to Report on Rape Allegations Against Candidate."
  • Transmeditations’s Blog: "Bob Jensen, Lierre Keith et al.: The Rabid, Transphobic Hate-Mongering of the Anti-Pornography Movement."
  • The Independent: "US-style anti-abortion protesters target clinics in Britain." Sigh.
  • Los Angeles Times: "For women, ideology trumps the gender card: Female voters are judging Whitman and Fiorina more harshly than men, Times/USC poll finds."
  • The Guardian: "Sarah Palin's 'mamas': more grisly than grizzly." If you're looking for a good, ranty article about "conservative feminists," click on this one. Love this line: "'Conservative feminism' has nothing to do with empowering women in general, and everything to do with empowering these women in particular."
  • Raspberry Mousse: "October 26th is Intersex Awareness Day. Learn the facts." Yes, this was earlier in the week, but still good information!
  • "Arkansas School Board Member Says Gay Students Should "Get AIDS and Die.'" Including this in case you didn't hear about it. The guy has since resigned and issued a standard non-apology apology.
  • "Gold's Gym Takes Your Membership Fees and Gives Them to Anti-Gay Politicians."
  • "Is Your Amazon Cruise All-Inclusive of Child Rape?"
  • The Curvature: "Justice Department Report on Sexual Assault in Juvenile Detention Minimizes Violence."
  • The Guardian: "'Fat' blog aesthetics: The Marie Claire blogger who wrote about being 'grossed out' by fat people created a huge backlash, but I know she's not alone."
  • New York Times: "4-Year-Old Can Be Sued, Judge Rules in Bike Case." Yep. A 4-year-old.
  • Al Jazeera: "BP dispersants 'causing sickness': Investigation by Al Jazeera online correspondent finds toxic illnesses linked to BP oil dispersants along Gulf coast."
  • The Age: "Feminism curbing Third World women." This is such an important point.
  • Womanist Musings: "I'm Sorry Whiteness, You Can't have Everything."
  • Swiss Info: "Swiss stage world’s first antifeminism event." File this under "things I don't want to know but need to know."
  • New York Times: "Why Can’t Middle-Aged Women Have Long Hair?" I love this article, probably because I am in my 30s and have very long hair and intend to keep it until I'm 80.

Popular Culture:
  • Making Of: "Indie Darling Lena Dunham talks 'Tiny Furniture.'" I really want to see this movie.
  • Twitch: "Uwe Boll's BLUBBERELLA Will Kick Major Ass. With Her Major Ass." Not sure what to make of this.
  • Bitch: "Horror Show: Faux-feminism and Horror Films." I would offer up "The Descent" as a possible feminist horror film. Thoughts?
  • Entertainment Weekly: "Ron Howard says 'gay' joke will stay in 'The Dilemma'; GLAAD criticizes decision." You can read the background about this joke here.

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Anonymous said...

RE: The Descent.

Someone else told me I would love it because it was basically all women kicking ass. And it was okay, but I don't know that I found it feminist, and it's been so long since I've seen it I'm not sure why/why not.


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