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Suggested Sunday reading (11/21/10)

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I'm really disappointed about the Paycheck Fairness Act not passing. Well, not just not passing, but not even being debated. Every single Republican Senator, and one Democratic Senator, voted to block debate on the bill. And I'm not just disappointed; I'm angry. Angry that people in our government consistently do what they think is in the interest of business instead of what is in the interest of citizens, of equality, and of what is right. They may as well have issued a statement that says "We cannot possibly require businesses to pay people fairly; that isn't fair to businesses who already don't pay people fairly, because it will cost them more and hurt their profit margins." Anyway, I really liked what the AAUW had to say about this whole fiasco, especially this: "This de facto filibuster of fair pay by Senate Republicans ensured that we never got to a debate on the bill's merits. Strategically, I can't blame them — they can't win a fair fight against pay equity." I also like this Newsweek article, "Stranger Than Fiction."

There have also been a number of stories this week about TSA pat-downs, as I'm sure you've all heard. I wanted to point out a few of them:
  • Gender Across Borders: "Guys Against Sexual Assault." This is about how men are suddenly realizing the sexual-assault aspect of these pat-downs. To quote the article, "Dozens of stories are coming up now, but only after a white guy screamed pseudo-rape."
  • Huffington Post: "100 Body Scans From Security Checkpoint Leaked."
  • Gizmodo: "Woman Suing Federal Government After TSA Screeners Exposed Her Breasts to Entire Airport (And Asked for Video)."
  • MSNBC: "TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine."
  • MSNBC: "TSA forces cancer survivor to show prosthetic breast." This woman is a flight attendant, by the way. Is she going to have to do this every time?
In other news:
  • Bust magazine: "Gay Bashing vs. Slut Shaming: Aren't they equally deadly?" Sadly, yes, they are. And they both deserve our attention.
  • Feministe: "Transgender Day of Remembrance."
  • FWD/Forward: "Dear Imprudence: I’ll Keep My Body Hair, Thanks." This is great.
  • New York Times: "Here’s a Woman Fighting Terrorism. With Microloans."
  • Huffington Post: "Why Women Need Pelosi." This goes well with their article "Just How Bad Is Boehner for a Woman's Right to Choose?."
  • The Guardian: "The truth about sex difference is that if men are from Mars, so are women."
  • NPR: "Kidnapping, Tribal Reprisal Upend Iraqi Woman's Life."
  • Shakesville: "So, Jon Stewart was on the Rachel Maddow Show." I liked this analysis.
  • The Advocate: "Lesbians Stopped From Graduating." Why? I'll give you one guess. It rhymes with schmesbians. And then there's ...
  • "Lesbian Couple Banned From School Dance." You know, I used to go to school dances with (heterosexual) girls all the time. No one seemed to have a problem with that.
  • Cindy's Take on Tech: "An Open Letter to Wired Magazine." This is about their latest issue, which has boobs on the cover.
  • MSNBC: "Pregnancy not covered by most individual health policies." Some people probably know this; others find out way too late.
  • Feministe: "Making a career out of telling women not to have careers."
  • The WIP: "Combating Berlusconi’s Vision of Women: Italian Feminism 2.0."
  • The Scavenger: "In defence of stripping and sex work." This is an excellent interview.
  • SF Chronicle: "Ads for Zestra women's arousal oil rejected." But Viagra ads are everywhere.
  • The Stir: "Fox News on Obama's New Book: A Bunch of Sitting Bull." Ugh. Also check out Mediate's article.
  • Colorlines: "A Generation of Black Youth Is Losing Its Future in the Jobs Crisis." What can we do about this?
  • USA Today: "Michigan law official fired for harassing gay student leader." Finally!
  • Father Geoff Farrow: "Why I handcuffed myself to the White House fence."
  • The Curvature: "Study on Rape of Youth Age 12 and Younger Responded to With Victim-Blaming Rhetoric."
  • Pigtail Pals: "Have Yourself A Very Sexist Holiday." About toy catalogs, and it's exactly how you think it's going to be.
  • MSNBC: "Transgender Americans face high suicide risk."
  • Writing is Fighting: "Why am I not a Feminist?" I thought this was an interesting perspective. It makes me want to fight even harder for feminism to be more inclusive.
  • Fox News (sorry): "Study: Men Fake Orgasms, Too." Gasp!
  • Sociological Images: "Redefining Masculinity: Do Men Save Lives or Take Them?"
Popular culture:
  • Washington Post: "PBS edits Tina Fey's remarks from Twain event." Grrr.
  • The Ebb and Flow: "'Glee’s' Girl Problem."
  • USA Today: "Patti Smith's memoir 'Just Kids' wins National Book Award."
  • My Modern Met: "Grandma's Superhero Therapy (18 photos)." I love this so much.
  • Pop Matters: "Politicking with 'Made in Dagenham''s Miranda Richardson."
  • Style Bistro: "Women’s Mafia Artist Jodi Leib Featured in the GLAAD OUTAuction!"

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