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Suggested Sunday reading (11/7/10)

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Biggest news in the United States this week (in my opinion, at least) is the election results. And there are a number of stories that came out of the election that I want to draw your attention to:

  • Denver Post: "'Personhood' amendment fails by 3-1 margin." You can read more about PersonhoodUSA at RH Reality Check. Also check out "Ken Buck’s Abortion Stance Cost Him a Senate Seat" on US News & World Report. And if I may, thank you Colorado, for not voting Ken Buck into the Senate.
  • AlterNet: "Conservatives' Big Hypocrisy: Turning Women Candidates (Who Are Anti-Sex and Anti-Woman) into Sex Symbols."
  • Daily Mail: "Sharia law banned: Oklahoma to become the first U.S. state to veto use of Islamic code." You know, because this is such a pressing concern in Oklahoma.
  • Gay Politics: "Lexington, Kentucky elects openly gay mayor."
  • CNN: "No African-Americans in next U.S. Senate." There was only one black Senator, and he retired. The three who ran for the Senate lost their bids.
  • ExecDigital: "US Election Day 2010: Campaigns Spend Record $4 Billion."
  • Associated Press: "Sexism remains a problem for women seeking office." Stating the obvious, but still important, because ...
  • NPR: "Despite GOP Wins, Hill May See Fewer Women." The article says "There are still a few outstanding races involving women yet to be decided, but when the final count is tallied, this year's election will probably be the first time in 30 years that the number of women serving in Congress declines."
  • AlterNet: "The 7 Sleaziest Sexist Moments from the 2010 Elections."
  • Ms. Magazine: "Election 2010: Pro-Choice Sustains Big Losses; Abortion Not Deciding Factor."
  • The Guardian: "So did Sarah Palin's 'conservative feminism' fail in the midterm elections?"
In other news:
  • "Post-Rape Care Never Comes." Highly recommend this story. It's about "A new study by the International AIDS Society explores the effects of mass rape on HIV in conflict situations."
  • "In Finland, a Mass Exodus from a Homophobic Church."
  • Associated Press: "Health Overhaul May Bring Free Birth Control." May, but I'm guessing it won't. Though it obviously should be free; it's so much cheaper than paying for prenatal care and birth.
  • USA Today: "Some 'pink' products do little for cancer research." Not surprising news to some of us, but I wish more people knew about this.
  • The Guardian: "The men who believe porn is wrong." The headline is a little simplified. The story is a lot about the founder of the Anti-Porn Men Project.
  • Los Angeles Times: "Brazil elects first female president." Her name is Dilma Rousseff. Congrats to her!
  • "Women Can Be Forced to Give Birth in Leg Irons in 22 States." Only seven states have adequate laws banning the shackling of pregnant and delivering women. Ugh.
  • Ms. blog: "Cheerleader’s Father Speaks Out." This would be concerning the cheerleader who a school tried to force to cheer for her rapist.
  • Women's E-news: "The I.R.S Says No Tax Break For Breastfeeding Moms. Acne Sufferers Get OK."
  • Toronto Sun: "Law to stop coerced abortions faces uphill battle."
  • Sydney Morning Herald: "Body blows to self-esteem." A good read. The first line of the article: "As a person with disabilities, I often feel left out of conversations about body image."
  • The Pervocracy: "The People You Meet When You Write About Rape." I have run into every single one of these on the Internet. How about you?
  • The Telegraph: "Women will work the rest of the year for free, say equal pay campaigners." Yippee.
  • RH Reality Check: "Anti-Choice Say "Ban the (F-) Bomb!" As in "fetus."
  • The Curvature: "Victim Threatens Suicide After Plans For Alleged Rapist to Directly Question Her In Court."
  • IPS News: "Sexual Violence Is Not 'Collateral Damage.'"
  • Boston Globe: "Cheers to tenured professor." Jeannie Suk has become the first Asian-American woman to get tenure at Harvard Law School.
  • "When Pro-Gay Marriage T-Shirts Get High School Students in Trouble."
  • Broadsheet: "Who wants to be an abortion doctor?"
  • Ms. blog: "Where Are All The Atheist Women? Right Here."
  • Lez Get Real: "Lesbian Corrective Rape Victim has her day in Court."
Popular culture:
  • Jezebel: "Private Practice's Rape Episode Brings In Big Ratings, Mixed Emotions." (Spoilers coming up:) Personally, I thought the show handled it very well. I thought Addison could have been less demanding, as someone trying to support Charlotte (pictured; she is played by KaDee Strickland), but overall it felt pretty realistic to me. The fact that she didn't report it does not bother me; that is more common than reporting it is. And I've read people complaining about the fact that Charlotte is a strong woman (and she is, I love her character) and therefore should have reported it, or shouldn't be "embarrassed" by what happened, etc., but I completely disagree with that. It doesn't really matter how "strong" you are, character-wise. What you do is up to you, how you handle it is up to you, and hello, it's an extremely traumatic event -- and the episode conveyed that. I also thought the way the show handled the rape scene, by not really showing it except a few bits here and there in a flashback, was good.  Did anyone else see it? Thoughts?
  • PopEater: "What's the Difference Between Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan?" There is a similar story at Radar Online.
  • NPR: "Women In Jazz: Taking Back All-Female Ensembles."
  • Moviefone: "Girls on Film: Hollywood's Dismissal of Violence Against Women."
  • Digital Spy: "Shirley Manson confirms Garbage reunion."
  • Prop 8 Trial Tracker: "NOM meet Glee. Glee meet NOM." Ugh.
  • 365 Gay: "Kids’ book prizes to include gay and lesbian award."
  • She Knows: "'For Colored Girls' movie adaptation hits theaters today." And hey, here's a surprise: a male critic at the Washington Post thinks the movie has too much "male bashing." He also reports that the audience laughed during a date-rape scene.
  • FWD/Forward: "Astonishingly, A Mental Illness Plot on 'House' That Doesn’t Make Me Want to Scream!"
  • New York Times: "Jill Clayburgh Dies at 66; Starred in Feminist Roles." RIP.

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