Sunday, December 5, 2010

Suggested Sunday reading (12/15/10)

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  • New York Times: "A Trailblazer With Her Eye on the Bottom Line." This is a profile of Cathleen Prunty Black (pictured), who was recently appointed to be the next chancellor of the New York City public school system. Black has done many notable things in her life -- she's president of Hearst Magazines. And one person says of Black, "She's the closest thing to Superman that exists."
  • Native Appropriations: "Tom Ford in a headdress; but that's not the interesting part." I love this: "Why has the NA/1st Nations type headdress become the new hipster fashion statement? Was blackface just too messy?"
  • Washington Post: "Controversial 'ella' contraceptive now available in U.S. for first time." Ella is a "morning after" pill that is effective up to five days after sex, unlike Plan B which is only effective up to 72 hours later, but loses its effectiveness the longer one waits to take it.
  • RH Reality Check: "Is Dialogue on Abortion Useful? Response to Marcotte."
  • La Prensa: "Surrogate pregnancy legally recognized in Mexico City."
  • The Miscellany News: "Survivors of rape need our support." Yes, they do.
  • The Spec: "On Dec. 6, we mourn — but do we act?" This is about violence against women, and the 14 young women who were gunned down at L’École Polytechnique in Montreal on Dec. 6, 1989. (I wrote about this massacre last year; you can find that blog post here.)
  • New York magazine: "Hillary Clinton Is Asked What Designers She Wears Moments After Making Point About Sexism." Love her response.
  • Carnal Nation: "African 'Pleasure Hospital' Will Heal Victims of Female Genital Mutilation."
  • CBS News: "LPGA Players Vote to Eliminate 'Female at Birth' Requirement." This is pretty cool.
  • The Baltimore Sun: "Half of discarded city rape claims were misclassified." Here's the first paragraph of the story: "More than half of nearly 100 rape reports that Baltimore Police decided were false or baseless have been reclassified as rapes or other sex crimes, according to an audit presented Wednesday to a City Council panel." So. Yeah.
  • BBC: "New sex offence laws now in force in Scotland." The new laws include a legal definition of consent and legally recognizes male rape.
  • Amanda Hess: "A brief history of the New York Times' gender essentialist trend piece." This is an excellent read.
  • Gender Across Borders: "Why Repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Won’t Be the Final Battle for LGBT Service Members."
  • The Tulane Hullabaloo: "Not fair, men." Just read this. It's about pay inequity.
  • The Telegraph: "Britain embraces 'positive action' to abolish workplace discrimination." It's kind of like affirmative action, but for women. Or that's how I understand it.
  • Common Dreams: "Women's Unemployment At Highest Rate in Over 25 Years."
  • "Portland Rescue Mission Wants Your Winter Coats and Sweaters ... Unless You're Gay."
  • New York Times: "Frazzled Moms Push Back Against Volunteering." Good for them, I say. You can't do it all, and you need to take care of yourself first.
  • CNN: "Inside one boy's anorexia: 'How can I burn the most calories?'"
  • Tennessee Equality Project: "Transwoman assaulted at Kohl's Department Store in Jackson, TN." (Warning for graphic content.)
  • Bitch magazine: "Bitch in a Box: Feminist Gifts for Teen Girls." Love this!
  • NPR: "Oh, To Be Young: The Year's Best Teen Reads." All of these are going on my wish list.

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