Sunday, January 16, 2011

Suggested Sunday reading (1/16/11)

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There has been a lot of abortion-related news this week. And surprise! It's (mostly) not good. Here's a quick roundup (I am, no doubt, missing some stories):
  • The Kansas City Star: "Conservatives push plans to restrict abortion."
  • NBC Montana: "Lawmaker Aims To Criminalize Illegal Killing Of Unborn Baby."
  • The Guardian: "Abortion rule to be challenged in high court." (UK)
  • The Stir: "Catholic Archbishop OKs Abortion -- Sometimes." This isn't as good as it sounds.
  • The Atlantic: "Christian Group Sues Vanderbilt Over Abortion Training for Nurses." You can read a follow-up to this story here.
  • RH Reality Check: "In Maryland Hospital Debate, Women's Health Ignored."
  • KTVA (Alaska): "State Strikes Down Anti-Abortion Initiative, 'Unconstitutional.'" Good that this was struck down. Bad that it ever got far enough to be struck down.
  • Idaho Press-Tribune: "Planned Parenthood files complaint against Nampa pharmacist." Rage-inducing story right here.
In other news:
  • Ms. blog: "WTF Has Nancy Pelosi Done For Us, Anyway?" I like this.
  • Feministe: "FNTT Season 7: the If At First You Don’t Succeed… Round." FNTT = Feministe's Next Top Troll.
  • The Guardian: "No wonder women are depressed – just look at the case of Miriam O'Reilly."
  • Salon: "Why feminism was good for marriage."
  • "Trans woman murdered in Minneapolis, vigil planned for Jan. 21."
  • Care2: "Pregnant and Socializing? Not In My Bar." About the woman in Chicago who was thrown out of a bar just because she is pregnant.
  • New York Times: "One Man’s Losing Fight Against Ladies’ Nights." In which someone claims in a court of law that feminism is a religion!
  • Nappturality: "White women dyeing, black women relaxing: Why it's not the same thing."
  • Afrik News: "Uganda: Muslim women seek the use of condom."
  • Jack and Jill Politics: "AZ Shooter — Part of A Pattern of Right Wing Insurrectionist Violence." Not so much feminist news, exactly, but everyone should read this.
  • The Guardian: "How best to win an Oscar – try female oral sex."


Anonymous said...

I guess my "self-promotion" will fight right in then. :) Technically, this isn't my content BUT SisterSong sent out links to this documentary featuring Loretta Ross and others within that organization speaking about the 'African-Americans are an Endangered Species' ads that were here in Georgia last year and the attached legislation. It's generally a documentary about the tactics the Right uses to try and split the African-American voting base by exploiting the abortion issue.

I posted the first part of it on my Tumblr, but have links to other parts of the documentary on that same post. It's a good watch and I just wanted to share it...

Rosie said...

Thanks for the link, that sounds really interesting. I'll be sure to check it out.


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