Sunday, February 27, 2011

Suggested Sunday reading (2/27/11)

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Walk for Choice at the capitol building in Austin, TX. Source.
I'm sorry to say that I haven't been able to keep up with all the anti-women legislation sweeping across the U.S. these days, at both the federal and state levels. I'm hoping to do better with that. It's just that there's so.fucking.much of it that it's all starting to blur together. I'll have some listed below, but if you, too, feel behind on all this hate, check out Hello Ladies' post, "The Hypocrisy of the 'Pro-Life' Movement." It's hard to wrap my head around all this; it's so awful I can only think "this cannot be real." I have much gratitude for the thousands of people who took part in the Walk for Choice yesterday. I wasn't able to, but I followed along as best I could via Twitter and Tumblr, and it sounds like a successful event, so yay for that!
  • Daily Kos: "GA Legislator Wants to Create The Uterus Police to Investigate Miscarriages." No, really. This is true. If you can stomach it, read the proposed legislation for yourself. And read "Are you there, Representative Bobby Franklin? It’s Me, Devery," on Tiger Beatdown.
  • Slate: "Arizona Approves Bill To Ban Race- and Sex-Selective Abortions."
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch: "After vote, Virginia's abortion clinics face new regulation." Alternate headline: "A bunch of white men pass bill that will close 17 of 21 abortion clinics in Virginia."
  • Talking Points Memo: "It's Not Just SD: Slew Of New State Laws Put Pro-Choicers On Notice." Care2 has a related petition you can sign.
In other news:
  • Boing Boing: "Alaska state rep refuses TSA grope of her mastectomy scars, drives home from Seattle."
  • National Black Justice Coalition: "Black History Month Profiles: Highlighting Black Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender People."
  • Box Turtle: "Tennessee Lawmakers Propose Ban on Mentioning LGBT People in Schools."
  • What Men Dare Do: "Men Calling Themselves 'Feminist'."
  • NPR: "Virus Passed During Oral Sex Tops Tobacco As Throat Cancer Cause." This is something people need to know, I'd say.
  • Huffington Post: "Lady Porn Day: Chicago Sex Journalist Wants Women To Speak Up About Porn."
  • "High Price Of Being A Woman." Another story about how women pay more for the same products and services compared to what men pay. I will always post these stories when I come across them.
  • Mother Jones: "It's the Inequality, Stupid: Eleven charts that explain everything that's wrong with America." Because class is a feminist issue, too.
  • New York Times: "Anti-Abortion Billboard is Removed."
  • Women's Views on News: "Rapist goes free in Canadian court when judge decides she asked for it."
  • Pandagon: "All women are 'fat.'" Great points made here.
  • CNN: "Revolution signals new dawn for Egypt's women."
  • OMG!: "Beyonce Under Fire for Blackface Photos."


Melissa said...

I'm with you - I'm finding it hard to keep up with all of the news, too, and when I do, it is just so damn depressing and overwhelming. Very hard to believe this is all happening, you know?

Anonymous said...

Dear Spare Candy,
The column is a wonderful resource; thank you for doing it. But please don't burn yourself out. Limit your scope or take a week off if you need to; these are unusually bad times, and even brave feminists can need some rest.

Rosie said...

Melissa, it is extremely hard to believe.

kathmandu, thank you. :) I promise that if I get burnt out, I will take time off. For now, I'm good to go!


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