Sunday, April 3, 2011

Suggested Sunday reading (4/3/11)

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  • ACLU Blog of Rights: "We'll See You in Court: South Dakota's Governor Signs Outrageous Law Restricting Abortion Care." His name is Dennis Daugaard (pictured). Just at least read this:
  • This law requires women to wait 72 hours between the first counseling session with the doctor and the abortion; it also requires women to first visit "crisis pregnancy centers," entities that are notorious for providing false and misleading information; and requires doctors to tell the woman of any possible risk factor published in medical and psychological journals since 1972. These new restrictions are on top of the long list of abortion restrictions in South Dakota, and come from a state that has one abortion provider.
  • Salon: "What's really driving the GOP's abortion war."
  • Women's Health: "Birth Control: Your Rights, Right Now,"an interview with Planned Parenthood Federation of America president Cecile Richards.
  • USA Today: "Our view: New abortion laws come in disguise."
  • The Raw Story: "Florida Republicans upset Democrat said ‘uterus’ on state House floor." Yes, this is a real story.
  • Journal Sentinel: "Police investigate alleged sexual assault at Marquette University." Need a victim-blaming/rape culture bingo card to get through this one.
  • Prison Law Blog: "Take 2, 5, or 15 Minutes Today to Speak Out against Government Tolerance of Prison Rape."
  • New York Times: "When a Girl Is Executed … for Being Raped," by Nicholas Kristof.
  • Reuters: "No votes for women in Saudi municipal elections."
  • "Couple outraged after hospital takes newborn baby away." As they should be.
  • WebMD: "FDA: Pharmacies Can Still Make Preterm Birth Drug." If you recall this story, this drug went from $10-$20 a dose to $1,500 a dose once a pharma company was given approval to make it. But now the FDA says the cheaper doses can still be made. So that's good.
  • The Crunk Feminist Collective: "How Chris Brown is Effing Up My Sex Life: A B-Side to Dating While Feminist." I'm calling this a must read.
  • Racialicious: "Why the Casting of 'The Hunger Games' Matters."

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