Sunday, May 1, 2011

Suggested Sunday reading (5/1/11)

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  • Hello Ladies: "Closing the Gender Leadership Gap."
  • The Stranger: "Local Women's Group Receives $300,000 Grant to Educate Men on Domestic Violence."
  • New York Times: "A Lawsuit’s Unusual Question: Who Is a Man?" TW on this one for gender identity discrimination.
  • TBD: "Free girl culture! The royal wedding doesn't make women dumb," by Amanda Hess.
  • The Good Men Project: "Myth-Busting the Gender Wage Gap."
  • CBC: "1 million stillbirths preventable globally: report."
  • MacGuffin and Puffin: "Asshole of the Month- March." (Hint: It's US Rep. Mike Pence.)
  • New York Times: "Indiana Bill Cuts Funds for Clinics for Women."
  • Washington Post: "Tina Fey mixes laughs with serious talk about women’s equality." Has anyone read her book? I'd like to pick it up sometime.

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