Guest Post Guidelines

To start with, I want to say I am always interested in having guest posts on Spare Candy!

I don't have any strict guidelines for guest posts, but in general the topic should be related to feminism and equality. That can include anything on gender, class, race/ethnicity, orientation, ability, sexuality, etc. It can be about a personal experience, legislation, popular culture (TV, movies, books, music, and so on) or really anything else. Length doesn't matter, long or short or in between.

You can either send an idea to my e-mail -- rosiered23 (at) sparecandy (dot) com -- and we could discuss that before the post is written, or if you want to submit a post in its entirety for me to check out, that's fine, too. Posts should include a short author bio and link to your site, if applicable. Posts can include photos; either attach them or point me to them on the Internet.

Submitted posts are subject to editing, but no big changes will be made without first consulting the author. 

I'm also always looking for "In History" posts, so if you have an interest in profiling a woman in history, let me know! And if you have a post or have read a post you think would fit in my Sunday reading column, feel free to send me a link and I can include it.

Any other questions, shoot me an e-mail!



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